Can Pregnancy Tests Be Wrong

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Shona - September 2

My husband and I are trying for a baby. Last month I was 2 weeks late. My 3 tests all showed Negative and quite surely I had my period. This month I am 8 days late (so far) and still the test is showing up as a negative result. I used a cheap dip stick test. Please can anyone shed a light on this for me.


TTC also - August 27

Hello, I completly understand you frustration. Me husband and I are TTC also for 2 years and no luck. Trust me. I have to plenty of pregnancy test and everyone has said negative. I have asked many doctors and they said 9/10 the test is right. The pregnancy hormone can be detected as early as 6 days after intercourse so if you are taking the test in the morning and doing it like the instruction says. Then it is probably right. But just kept trying. I am sure you with have a positive sign when the time is right. Good Luck!!!!


Roxayne - August 28

Me and my boyfriend had s_x for the first time a little over two weeks ago without protection. I am a week late on my period and i ALWAYS start ontime. I know my body so well. I took a pregnancy test and it came out negative, but i still havent started. Could the test be wrong? What else could cause this????


Erin - September 2

Roxayne- The test could be wrong- some women don't have a postive test for awhile. Try waiting a few more days and testing again. Also, worrying about whether or not you are pregnant can actually make your period late! go figure.


Mary - January 5

You ladies sound like you should be using the BBT system. Start taking your temps and you will know exactly if you are late or not. See


Billie - February 27

Good question I would like to know the answer since the same thing is happening to me.


erica - March 8

i took a pregnancy test and it said i was in any way can that be wrong


kathryn - March 10

it doesnt matter how cheap the test was they are all about the same i was told by a doctor



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