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angeleyes24 - June 4

I am so aggrevated I am 7 days late, I took a home pregnancy test it was negative, did I test to early, should I test in a couple more days? or is it my body just playing a horrible trick with me as this is not the first time this year this has happened? also, which pregnancy test are the most reliable, I have three children and i never had this sort of problem with them, if I missed a period I was pregnant no questions, but, for some reason, that does not seem to be the case now, very heartbreaking to wait all that time and start assuming your pregnant because your late, only to be let down by a negative pregnancy test, and if that isn't bad enough maybe more than one negative test. I would really love to know what causes this, is it medications etc. I can really sympatize with everyone who is in this situation, it is really unfair. thanks hopefully someone can give me some answers. angeleyes24


tritty - June 5

angeleyes, i am sorry for the situation that you're in right now. you're very right that it's no fun! i just finished going through the same thing. i thought i was pg but i had many many many neg. hpt's and even a neg. blood test. however, i started treating my body as if i were pregnant (eating right/ water/ prenatal vitamins, etc.) because i just FELT pregnant (this will be my first) and i just finally got a bfp this past week and i think i'm somewhere between 8 and 10 weeks pregnant. so don't lose hope just try not to worry about it. sometimes stress can delay your af so if you just relax and let whatever happens happen you may be suprised with the results. best of luck!


kitten117 - June 5

Yes, it's not fun. I have the same situation now. I'm already 20 days late and had 2 neg. hpt's. My husband and I are trying to hava a baby for almost 4 months, but nothing happen. The waiting and not knowing what is going on inside my body are killing us. I start to think I'm crazy cuz I experience some of the early pregnancy signs(very tired, bad heartburn, swollen bb's, so thirsty....etc.), but the hpt's told me the opposite. It's so frustrating. I thought the most of the hpt's are very reliable(98%-99% accurate), but guess not.


Fayble - June 5

Im in the same situation with all of you. I am now 15 days late on my period. All negative tests. Im never late. I was under stress but Ive been under stress before and always got my period on time. It is very frustrating. Although I do not "feel" pregnant or anything. Good luck to you guys though, keep me updated!



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