Can You Ovulate On Day 9

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Nick - October 25

I have just purchased the "First Response" ovulations test Kit for $30.00(More expensive than the hpts) They only give you five tests, so I don't want to waste any, but I have been having cramps in my right ovary on my 9th day of cycle(30 day cycle). Is it worth using one of my tests to make sure that I am not ovulationg now? Anyone ovulated this early in their cycle?


E - October 25

I have never ovulated that early but I wanted to tell you that I used to buy my OK's on eBay for less than $7 per box of 7. Clearblue is the brand I used and the boxes were always sealed and unexpired:) In fact, there is a box ending in 34 minutes and it is only $3.99 plus shipping. Use keywords "clearblue & ovulation".


Nick - October 25

Thank you E! I wonder why they are so expensive at the drug store.


Nick - October 31

I started testing on Thursday the 28th and have only one ov test left. All four tests have been lite purple. Is this normal? I thought they are suppose to darken a little each day!


E - October 31

They do not darken each day.


Nick - November 2

Do they get lighter? I am on day 17 of a 30 day cycle and my ov tests are starting to get lighter, not darker.


Nick - November 2

I just called the 1-800 # and the women told me that the levels flucuate every day, but I am pa__sed the day that I should have ovulated. She said if I do it every day at the same time I will see the surge and probably haven't ovulated yet. Does this sound right?


BOO - November 12



Nick - November 12

I kept testing and even had to buy another ovulation kit, but I tested positive for a surge on days 19 and 20. I have talked to a few people that found out that the 14 day before your period rule did not work for them. the last few months I was givivng up by day 16!


Nick - November 14

Does anyone know how long after the surge is the egg good for? If I tested positive for it Thursday afternoon and Friday afternoon could I still get pregnant Saturday Night? I know anything is possible, but is it probable? I am not sure how long after the surge starts the egg is supposed to drop.


E - November 14

I read that you ovulate 24-48 hours after the LH surge. Saturday s_x is ideal for conception. Woohoo for weekend s_x:) Weeknight s_x is the worst. I always prayed for ovulation on the weekends so I was not so tired.


Nick - November 14

My husband works two jobs and I work and go to graduate school. Sometimes it is just impossible!


question - November 14

I have a question - may seem a little silly - if you don't get your period for several cycles and it is determined that you are not pregnant, can you still ovulate even though you don't get your period?


Nick - November 15

I don't know the answer to that, but if you determined for sure that you are not pregnant, I am a__suming by a doctor, what did he say? I would call the doctor and ask that question and let us know.


Merdaisy - December 3

Not an answer but I havea 30 day cycle and it only lasts for about 2 days using a tampon then days 3 4 5 and 6 are so light just a pantyliner is needed I have used ovualtion kits and they all say I am ovualting but have tried for 2 years to get pregnant and no response am I doing something wrong?


KIK - June 27

I used ovulat.testing kit & got a smile :) face only one day. w/i have cervical mucus next?


Queidra - July 17

Can I ovulate two days after my last cycle?



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