Cheap Pregnancy Tests

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Gemma - October 14

Hi all just bought a batch this week of 10 miu pregnancy tests from ebay They are white ion a white wrapper no brand name so I am unsure if anyone else has had any experience with these tests. Two days ago I used two tests and they gave a slight positive after 15 minutes have since done more and they were all bfn till this eveing when the same late lines appeared. My periods are irregular since having implanon removed in june. They have been coming every 6 weeks. I am worried about whether I am pregnant as I have had unprotected s_x. Also i want to know asap if I am as I dont know whether I could have another bay as I already have 5 kids....hence the anxiousness of the result these tests are giving me. Any help appreciated.


Gemma aswell - October 16

Sorry I can't really help you but I also had my implanon removed 2 months ago and bought tests off of e bay. I actually am TTC and would like to know if these tests are accurate and if so how early people have had positives. If they are not very good tests does anyone know what the best and most sensitive test is? I was trying to save some money by buying these as they are only about £2.00 for 3.


dana - October 16

I also have irregular periods and bought PT online and came out woth a faint line about 15 min after taking the test. I went out and bought a store test ond got a neg. result. can anyone help. we have been trying for 18 months.


Sara - October 16

Try Answer Early response.You can get 2 in a box at walmart for $7.00.They showed up positive on me really early when no other test including First Response would.Good luck and best wishes!


karen - October 16

here is the deal with online test. i have now taken 4 and everytime i got a faint line 15 mins. after the test was taken. so i had my husband take on to see if it was me or the test and it is the test. he got a more positive result then me.


yb - October 17

That's sounds crazy. I had tried the test on ebay. You can get a bouch cheaply. I have never seen positive line and so have no idea if they work or not.



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