Chemical Pregnancy?

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Leilah119 - August 2

First day of last cycle was 06/14/17. Second week of July I realized I felt pregnant (insanely sore breast and short tempered/emotional not consistent with my PMS) took digital hpt on 7/11, it was positive. Experienced very mild lower back pain night of 7/11, woke up to light spotting of brown blood on 7/12, spotting (just a few spots on a panty liner each day and some blood during urination but no clots or tissue) continued to the evening of 7/13. Took another digital hpt on 7/16, it was negative. Saw OB on 7/17 who said my cervix was closed but urine test was negative, so they took blood. They called me a few days later to say the blood work was negative. I still haven't started (the only other time I have been late I was pregnant and had twins) and am still experiencing symptoms of pregnancy. My doctor's office says the next step is to wait for my next cycle but the waiting is driving me nuts. I want/need to know :-|

Thanks for listening/reading <3


Leilah119 - August 2

Should I push for an ultrasound? Could I still be pregnant or could there be something else wrong? I'm not an assertive person but this is weighing on me all day and night and I may lose my mind if I have to wait until my next missed cycle :-|


Grandpa Viv - August 2

Sounds like a pregnancy over almost as soon as it began. I wonder what is causing the continuing signs. The doc is hoping the next period will straighten things out. 


ruby97 - August 5

I know how you feel. My LMP was on the 31st of may. Ive been experiencing symptoms such as naseau, fatigue,sore breasts, cravings. I did 4 home pregnancy tests. The first 2 were negative then a week later i saw a faint line and i thought i was finally pregnant. So i went to my dr. 1 week ago and she felt my cervix and said it felt firm and that im about 8 weeks and ordered an ultasound. I have been trying for a year and Ive never missed a period so i was overjoyed. When I did the ultrasound my uterus was empty and everything else looked normal. Then i did so many blood test and the results were all normal, beta hcg was 0. Took another test and this time it was negative. Now my dr. says i am not pregnant so i just have to wait until my period comes but the wait is killing me.



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