Clear Blue Easy Digital Test

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m - September 12

Has anyone had good results with the clear blue easy digital test. I have read about it saying "not pregnant" but then when the stick was ejected it had 2 blue lines instead of 1. This also happened to me. Has anyone heard anything about these tests? I have one more left and I want to wait a little longer before trying it agian. I am about 6 days late.


Katie - April 3

I also had the same thing happen and am freaking out that I may be pregnant even though it said "not pregnant". Any ideas?


Andrea - April 5

buy another test and try it again ... they aren't always perfect. and this time don't buy a digital one.


Ashley - April 5

I had the same thing happen just a few minutes ago. I wonder if anyone has got a "Not Pregnant" and not seen 2 blue lines? If there are such people please let me know!


Cristen - April 5

I just took the test and it didnt say anything but see leaflet but when i took it out it had one blue line does that mean i am ok?


TASHA - April 5



Jacqueline - April 6

I too have just done the test and it came out as non pregnant but when I ejected it it has a clear blue line and a faint blue line. Im desperate to have a baby and I really dont want to get my hopes up- does anyone know what this means?


Jacqueline - April 6

Just been on to the clear blue web site and it says "Why do I need a Holder? Can’t I just look at the lines on the Cartridge for my result? The Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test works differently to other pregnancy tests and the Cartridge must not be read visually. Any lines on your Cartridge cannot be interpreted without the Holder. Hope this helps. x


Jacqueline - April 6

Heres a web site you can look at maybe it will help


Jacqueline - April 7

Hi again, well just to let you all know there is a great chance that if your digital clear blue test had 2 blue lines on it your may possibly be pregnant!!!! I looked on the web site last night and if your not pregnant you should only have 1 line. I went out and bought another test (normal one) and I am pregnant!!!!!!! :) Good luck to you all x


Janet - April 10

I been using this test for the past 3 month and like you a have 2 lines but not pregnant.this month I concieve and I test with a 2 pack and both said "pregnant" so for me is pretty sure. maybe your hcg still too low for the test to detected. good luck


rain - April 23

I had the same thing, 2 lines but the it said - digitaly, I took it again the next morning and it was positive. Hope this helps.


Samantha - April 27

Yeah I would say try again, those ones are really messed up!!


Vylett - May 4

I am 2 weeks late. I tried the test last friday and it had 1 blue line on the white window..did i do this right?


Karen - May 8

Hiya in late and i have done a test and it also had 2 lines does that mean im pregnant ??? HELP PLEASE !!!


Heather - May 11

I'm not sure about the digitals, but I had consistent results with the regular ClearBlue Easy stick tests. All three were very fast and strong positives. Also, the price was great for 3 tests in one box!


Angie - May 12

I took that test many times. I have always gotten 2 lines and have not been pregnant. I suggest usinga regular HPT (Answer eary response gave me a ++ at 9 DPO!!!) then retesting maybe a few days later wiht the digital :)



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