Clear Blue Easy Digital Test

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Amarie - April 5

On the website for the CBE Digital HPT it says in the illustration "for a pregnant result HCG binds to the anti-HCG antibody attached to the blue dye. " Then the pic shows it attaching to the control line to show that it worked, and it says that if there is a blue line in the result region about a certain intensity (meaning over 50 mlu's of HCG) then the test will read Pregnant. Then on the other side, it says, In a Not Pregnant result urine flows past the result region forming a blue line in the control region only. And it says that if there is no line in the result region, the test will read Not Pregnant. It doesn't say anything about testing LH, it only has HCG antibodies, not both HCG and LH. And that's the people that make these tests website, not someones opinion. So to me, it seems like if there are 2 blue lines, even faint, that you're pregnant. Here's the website


QuinnettrieaMcMeans - April 5

No,minds came out as pregnant.


Angie - April 8

Just got a negative result, but there was two was really faint and the other (must be the control line) was bright blue. I also took a regular test before this one, and thought we saw a light blue line as well. This is ridiculous. I've been trying FOUR years to get pregnant again & I can't even be excited or not. LOL! Do you think I'm pregnant?


Tiffany - April 13

I took the a "Not Pregnant", also had the 2 lines. I started my period about 4 days later. I would do what the test says, and ignore the extra faint blue line! Good luck.


Angie - April 15

I would've ignored it and believed it if I hadn't gotten the faint line on the "regular" test. Let me tell you, I think these digitals are a complete rip off...taking another regular tomorrow morning...I have yet to start my period & Im a lot late;). MY ADVICE: DONT BUY THE DIGITAL TESTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Laura - April 15

I did 3 digital tests on three different days, the first two showed Not Pregnant and only a single line when i ejected the cartridge. The third test showed Not Pregnant but had two lines when I ejected the cartridge. This made me a little suspicious so today, a week after my last test i did a normal test(non digital) and it is a definite positive. I'm going later to buy a digital and see what happens, will let you know.


Laura - April 15

I have read the technical details on the clear blue tests and it says that the first line on the ejected cartridge to the digital pregnancy test attracts HCG molecules only. This should mean that if you have a faint blue line that you have HCG(pregnancy hormone). Because this test only tests for hormone levels over 50 if your HCG level is lower than this it will give you a negative result. For those women that have had a very faint blue line and then have got their period a few days later, that can either be an infection or a failed pregnancy 50%(Est) of all pregnancies end by a period being a few days delayed. Early detection of pregnancy means that we are noticing this happening where before we would have put it down to stress of just being a few days late. Never rely on a single test and always wait a week before re-testing to give you hormone levels time to double. Also drinking more than two pints of fluids before testing will give you very faint test results. I have done this myself on purpose to see what would happen and my test result went from being a definite + to a very, very faint +, almost un-noticable. Hope that helps people out a little Laura x But if you have ejected the cartridge and have seen two blue lines, wait at least a week and try 3 other tests all of different types to give you a definite result.


Cara - April 15

The test says to ignore the lines. Just read the pregnant/not pregnant. It is very easy to be disappointed especially when you are trying (I was) I did the same them got a not pregnant but looked at the lines. This time it read pregnant and I ignored the lines! I took 2 other brand tests- all positive. I'm excited-first time! Good luck to you all.


Laura - April 15

It does say ignore the lines but that doesn't tie up with the technical jargon they provide. And i'm sorry but as for ignoring the lines i couldn't and glad i didn't because it made me re-test and find out that i am actually pregnant. Curiosity always gets the better of us and the lesson to learn from this is to never rely on one test and its results.


jen - April 15

if you take the test in the afternoon other than taking it in the morning does the that comes out wrong?


Pamela - April 16

Okay, I had the same happen to me right. I read all of these opinions about the LH and HCG affecting the test. Well the two lines are obviously telling us something. The thing is the timing of when you get the double lines. If you are at your ovulation time your going to get two lines. If you are pregnant your going to get two lines. I seriously do not suggest getting the digital tests if you want a real answer. If you do and go by the lines, look at the timing of everything that is going on in your body. If past your period and late you know that it is not LH the test is finding because that is past when your late for your period. If your testing only two weeks after your last period then it is obviously ovulation or LH. These tests sticks are used for both Ovulations Kits and Pregnancy tests. When I took mine, I took it with two other tests. One CBE digital tests and two e.p.t +/-. The digital came out not pregnant and had two blue lines, the e.p.t came out faintly positive. Of course I am in early pregnancy. The thing of it is, I didn't even question it. I am so ugh feeling. Every woman feels different when she is pregnant. IF you can't say I AM PREGNANT AND I KNOW IT then more than likely you are. IF you can't say that you know your pregnant then more than likely your not pregnant at all. Back in the day we did not even have pregnancy tests. Women did not ask if she could be pregnant, she just knew. Every woman has the instinct. If you are really trying to have a baby, quit trying. For real just brain wash yourself that you dont' want a child and that you are not ready for a child right now, and just let the thought of getting pregnant go and I promise you that you will be pregnant. I did the same thing but I seriously decided after a year of trying that I was not quite ready for this and then about two months later here I am pregnant as can be. I am no doctor but I believe the more that you want the pregnancy and the more you stress yourself out, the longer it will take. Getting pregnant is very stressful. You can only think about what you are doing wrong, and why everyone around you is pregnant except you. I would just enjoy my partner if I were you. Relax, make making love fun not a chore just to get pregnant. If you do this it should work. Then when you go to work and get sent home because you can't quit running to the bathroom to get sick, buy a real test not a digital.


carmen - April 19

i had one say pregnant and there was only 1 line.


Tiffany - April 19

No...I was not pregant. Just like the test said. I was 3 days late for my period; however, this was obviously due to me just coming off of my birth control. I took other tests around the same time as the digital, and they too said negative. I had a full b__wn period. I know my body. You are giving people false hope by telling them they are pregnant if they have 2 lines. If you aren't sure....go to the doctor and have a blood test. That is the for sure way.


Maree - April 22

Hi i did a test yesterday and it had two blue lines but 'not pregnant'!!! I have been trying for four months now but I guess you have to go by the digital reading - so why the two blue lines?


Susan - May 6

I took the a Clear Blue Easy test yesterday afternoon mine said PREGNANT but the one I took this morning said NOT PREGNANT and when I ejected it I had a dark blue line and a very faint blue line. I also have one more left which I plan to take tonight.


Kristina - May 10

I agree with Andrea. If it doesn't work out, buy another test. They can't all be right all the time. I'd advise buying a multi-pack, that way you always have an extra test on hand, in case something messes up with the first one.



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