Clear Blue Easy Digital Test

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claudiaf - August 25

what does the "see leafter" mean? does anyone know? please help


Ca__sie - August 27

I bought the clearblue digital test. It was actually a two for one deal, so I had a bonus test. When I tested the first time, it said "not pregnant." Two weeks later I tested and it said "pregnant." And I was. I am now 25 weeks pregnant!


Caroline - August 28

I have also experienced the "not pregnant" on the digital test but 2 lines on ejected stick portion. I have been looking all over the net for more info and the following site was helpful in explaining why this happens:


kelly - August 29

hi... i had also done 2 tests and both showed positive and have 2 dark blue lines... however, when i see the doc and it turned out to be negative... any advise?


CLEAR BLUE DIG - August 29



Monique - August 31

I've bought first response, answer, and EPT's AND I LOVE CB Digital. I love that I don't have to sit there deciphering stupid faint lines!! I HAVE NO IDEA WHY ANY OF YOU ARE TRYING TO LOOK AT LINES ON A DIGITAL TEST!! I mean, no offense but DUH!! You read the digital screen--what would make you look for more??


Laura - August 31

I wouldn't trust CB Digital as far as i could throw it, it gave me negative results and i was actually pregnant. I also had two blue lines when ejecting the test. And for those that say DUH! why look...You can't bloody miss it when you eject the stick and i'm glad i noticed and did another test, I am now 24 weeks pregnant!


emma - August 31

thank you laura. isn't it annoying when people are so sarcastic!!!! at the end of the day cb digital is aload of c___p when it boils down to it. regardless off lines meaning anything or not... you got a not preg result when you were and i got a positive when i was not. their not selling them anymore are they??? lets hope not the money grabbers!!!! would b a great test......... if only they worked!! 99% accurate... pull the other one!!!


elizabeth - September 1

i took it but then it came up see leaflet then ejected it and there were two lines...then i tested the other one and then it said pregnant and took it out and there were two blue i dont know what what that exactly means..


emma - September 1

hey elizabeth, you probably will be pregnant. do you have another test to use?? use a different brand! ignore the lines they mean nothing at all i promise. if it says see leaflet it means that the test did not work so it could not give you a result. make sure you take your test with first morning sample as it is at its most concentrated to detect the HCG hormone in your urine. every time you have a drink it dilutes it. if with another brand it shows up negative wait another three days and test again as hcg hormone doubles every three days. hope everything works out for you hun let me know how you get on (try not to stress over it). you know anyone who has been on depoprovera injection (the pill in injection form every 12 week)???


elizabeth - September 1

emma, i am aunt was on the pill injectoin shot ..she had to take prescription pills while she was on it and ended up pregnant with her 3rd child. i even read on the little paper they give you with your pills that pepto bismol can even mess it up.


emma - September 1

oh yea...i am pregnant..i took it in june..on the 15th and thats when it came out that way so i went to the clinic and i was 5 weeks now im 4 seems like its goin so slow


emma - September 2

brilliant congratulations elixabeth!!! i hope you were wanting to get pregnant!??! i'm not pregnant yet but it will happen to me soon i hope. i took my last depo injection last march but only been trying since october. i'm only young 23 next week i just wish i never went on depo to start with!!!! good luck hun i hope it all works out for you and everything goes well. do you live in AMERICA? i live in leeds in england. good luck hunny!!! emma ***


Brandi - September 3

Actually for me this was the only test that gave a accurate result. I had a feeling I was pregnant for awhile and took all of the others. This was the last one I took and it said I was pregnant. So did the doctor.


Krista - September 3

I haven't read this whole thread, so someone may have correctly answered your question. Digital tests don't just measure hcg, they also measure a leutenizing agent. The digital test then reads the intensity and color of the second line and then decides if you are pregnant. With the naked eye, we are unable to know if the line means hcg or lh, so trust the screen.


Mindy - September 5

Okay, I've used this test before, never seeing the 2 blue lines. I took it recently and there was a really faint 2nd blue line, then a couple of days later, I took another test (still ClearBlue) and there was 2 lines again, but this time the second line was darker. Both said not pregnant. I had a friend who last year took the test, it said not pregnant and she actually was pregnant! I hoping it means I am!



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