Clear Blue Easy Digital Test

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Mindy - September 5

Okay, I've used this test before, never seeing the 2 blue lines. I took it recently and there was a really faint 2nd blue line, then a couple of days later, I took another test (still ClearBlue) and there was 2 lines again, but this time the second line was darker. Both said not pregnant. I had a friend who last year took the test, it said not pregnant and she actually was pregnant! I hoping it means I am!


Tiffany - September 6

I took one and it said "Pregnant" with one line. I have no clue.


Holly - September 7

The tests will almost always have two lines on them. Go look at for an article called "Secrets of the Digital". You should trust what's in the readout- not the lines on the stik. The digital tests are not made the same as the read-them-yourself tests.


Stephanie - September 7

I used the test strips that are suppose to detect the hcg hormone much sooner than a product like this. I took those test's and it showed up negative. I then bought the clear blue easy digital test and it showed pregnant. I was indeed pregnant. The test strips should have detected the hormone not only because it was more sensitive but due to the fact that I was carrying twins and the hcg level is much higher with multiples. I definitely recommend this product.


Maria - September 7

i just took the test and it didn't say anything but see leftlet and it had two lines what does this mean


Laura - September 8

I'm having my 7th baby and I have to say this was the worst test I have ever taken. Had two negatives when I was actually pregnant. Luckily I bought more than one type of test and the other two were accurate and positive. Personally all I would say is buy another test lots of people I know have been getting false positives, false negatives or quite commonly see the leaflet. VERY BAD TEST, TEY SOMETHING ELSE!


emma - September 8



Cynthia - September 8

The same thing happend to me, I took it this morning and it said no but when I took it out their was 2 blue lines,


megan - September 9

i took it and it said not pregnant and when i ejected the stick it also had two blue line and i was not pregnant the one that i did take that said that i was pregnant and was also a digital test was E.P.T i think that is the best test that u can get


louise - September 9

hi i also had the same thing i tested three times and each time the writing said no but i ejected it and had 2 blue lines i bought another test a different make and that said i was


emma - September 11



heather rance - October 29

yall dat get one blue line and a faint line it is trueeee u are preg im 6 weeks preg lol my hcg level is 373.99 if u have one line u not but if u got 1 dark line and a faint u are


heatha - October 29

Answer: congrats hunny!!! PLEASE IGNORE THE LINES EVERYONE THEY DON'T MEAN ANYTHING!!!! bull shyt yea it do i had 2 blue lines i didnt believe da pregnancy tests so i went and got a blood test positive my hcg level iz 373.99 yea 2 blue lines mean u preg dont watch da wordz


Mother of 6 - October 29

Hey mother of 7!!!! Not that many of us around! Do you get stared at all of the time? People flip when i say I have 6, I love making them squirm when i tell them ( a big fat lie!) that i am only half way done! :) Anyway, guys! Yes, you can have 2 lines on the test and not be pregnant, you can have 2 lines on the test and be pregnant. The test is a chromometer. It measures the intensity of the color of the 2nd line! I know women, inlcuding myself that have gotten false pregnancy results from this test. I also know women who got false not pregnancy results from this test. It isn't a good test. My theory, though the manufac. denies it, is this. Clear Blue makes an almost identical ovulation detector. The pregnancy test strip doesn't just monitor hcg, it also monitors your LH. So, maybe, just maybe, these test strips get mixed up from time to time and you get the false Pregnancy. According to the man. the more LH you have in your system (on the OPK) the stronger the blue line is. funny, when i took the test (HPT) and it showed pregnant, but the next morning my blood test showed less than 5. It may be that I was just starting ovulation, they accidentally got one of the OPK's test strips mixed in with my HPT test kit and I got the wrong result. I hope I didn't lose anyone on that theory. I don't like that test, just my opinion, so please, don't hate! LOL


emma - November 1

HEATHA no need to be so rude.... i had 2 thick blue lines and i was defo not preg even tho 5 cbdigital tests said i was otherwise i would of had a baby months ago as i haven't taken one in over a year. So BULL SHT to you too. I am trying to help people not to get their hopes up like I did, so if thats wrong i'm sorry!


Jennifer - November 1

I just took two Clear Blue Digital Pregnancy tests and they were both positive. I would try another brand just to make sure. Good Luck!



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