Clear Blue Easy Digital Test

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Jennifer - November 1

I just took two Clear Blue Digital Pregnancy tests and they were both positive. I would try another brand just to make sure. Good Luck!


heatha - November 2

im so sorry emma i aint kno all i kno im pregnant and it had 2 blue linez and da test didnt even finish but i am pregnant 6 weekz im sorry emma i aint mean nuffin by it


emma - November 2

HEATHA no worries, i'm just a bit down anyways been trying over a year now with no luck all because of depo injection. I hope all goes well in your pregnancy!! lots o'love emma**


T - November 2

To everyone - I too did the clearblue digital and had a clear NOT PREGNANT. I was 2 months late for my period at that time. I used the 2nd test in the package and it came out SEE LEAFLET. So I pulled the test stick out and there was 2 blue lines. The next morning I bought 7 different pregnancy tests and they were all positive. You will only get a line if HCG is found in your urine. Disregard 1 line. It means negative. two lines and re-test with a different brand. I avoid everything digital and clearblue now. They dont work for me.


heather rance - November 3

emma get off of depo datz wha i had to do gurl get off of it and try gen


emma - November 5

Idid come off it hun in march 2004!!! how long did it take you to get preg? how long were you on it??? thanks luv


heather rance - November 5

i waz on depo for 5 yrz ive been off it only 1 yr


Tia - November 8

Yes. The leaflet specifically states to Disregard the test stick. The digital test stick will always have two lines, pregnant or not, and the only result you should pay attention to is the one on the readout. for more info go here, Good luck!


T - November 8

If the digital test will always have 2 lines regardless of being pregnant or not, then why has countless women had 1 line and not been pregnant and others (myself included) had 2 clear lines and been pregnant? It is true that clear blue measures HSF levels too which (if your ovulating) will give you a second line but its not exactly 100 percent accurate. Far from it. Blood tests are far more better and much more accurate than a simple digtal test.


Emma R - January 11

Well I was one of the few women on here that used the clearblue digital and got a 'negative' result but tested a few days later and it then said positive. Yes, i too had a peek at the stick, and there were two blue lines (on the first test the second line was very faint) which made me suspicious. The best thing to do is try other brands-my poor boyfriend bought me 7 tests (all were early response) and they were all post_tive (whether lines were faint or not it is a positive result on these type of tests). So I then went to the doc who confirmed it with her own test and since then i still had that niggle in the back of my mind-why was the digital one negative? So i went and spent another ten pounds (even though i knew i must be) and lo and behold it said pregnant. For the argument of one line or two....there were TWO lines and they were much darker than my first test. DON'T TEST TOO EARLY!! good luck xx


Lola - February 4

I've had three false postives with clearblue digital. I think that the company needs to make some changes to the test. My dr. has confirmed that I am inact not pregnant after both urine and blood tests. I think there must be a better test out there becasue this one just seems to get your hopes up and then let you down with a crash. This happened to me on two different cycles so good luck ladies!!!I hope you have better results than I.


emma - February 4

Hey Lola, i also had 5 positives and guess what I wasn't as you probably read further up the posts. Good luck if your trying hunny! No baby for me yet but i've been on depo and just found out I have a fibroid in my womb so thats a whole different story!!!!!!!!!! em*


kjones - February 6

I took 2 Clear Blue Dital and they both said Pregnant I also took one from the Dollar tree and it said Pregnant DO you think I am?


emma - February 11

Yes you probably will be!!! congrats KJONES!!!!! go to doc's and ask for a full blood work pregnancy test as that measures the amount of the pregnancy hormone HCG you have in your body. it will tell you exactly how many weeks gone you are. good luck


wendy - February 12

The same thing just happened to me. I took 4 tests from First Response, and wanted to take a digital to surprise my husband. The test said "Not Pregnant" and had 2 lines when I ejected it! I too am 6 days late.


emma - February 13

Wendy waite three day's and test again with first response! Kjones yes you are definatley pregnant as you have taken another brand too. congrats!!!



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