Clear Blue Easy Digital Test

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Sviatyi - June 7

Don't buy this product. I am glad I didn't pay for it but the thing is it didn't work. Piece of c___p! No more clear blue...goes in the can!


cheryl - June 8

i am 3 days late on my period and ive been 'feeling weird' for about a week, ive had all the sighns of pregnancy and ive been trying to concieve but i used those dit_tal clear blue tests and it says not pregnant but the stick inside has 2 lines on it, what does this mean,


H - June 8

I used 2 of those about a week or 2 ago and mine both said that I was pregnant. Maybe you didn't put it in correctly or something. When you stuck the stick in did the digital picture of the test show up? Also, if you put the stick in urine for too long it won't be accurate. Sometimes tests also won't pick up the HCG pregnancy hormone for a little while even if you are a week late.


cheryl - June 8

im 3 days late and ive had a few symptoms of pregnancy for the past week ive taken 2 dit_tal tests and are not pregnant but the stick inside has 2 blue lines what does this mean


bal - June 10

i am 2 weeks late in my peroid and i did a clear blue line home test and in the round part their was a line and in the squre box theri was a very light line u can see but. what does that mean i am pregnanat?


dj - June 13

I to had a negative result with 2 lines on the test stick. It's not that I didn't read the dirrections, or that I'm not able to understand what they said. It's just that it goes against everything that I'm used to to look at that stick, see two lines and not beleive that there is a small chance that I am pregnant. I'm curious to find out what the results were for "m".


Beth - June 15

I took two First Response tests and one Answer Early test and both had a very faint ++ line. I took the clear blue digital just a little bit ago and it said not pregant. I had a miscarriage a couple months ago, but when I was testing then to see if I was, the digital showed up pregnant right away. This one took a while for it to pop up --. I'm only 3 days late, and last time I was 2 weeks, so it might just be too early for the digital to show up positive. Here's to hoping!


Beth - June 15

I took another Clear blue easy digital test with my first morning urine and it came up pregnant. so my suggestion to anyone having problems with this test is to make sure you use fmu or wait at least 3 days before testing, cuz it doesn't seem to be as sensitive as other tests. :o)


Rebecca - June 16

I bought a 2 pack and tested when I got home. I received a Pregnant + See Leaflet response. I almost had a heart attack. The next day, I tested with the other, and got the same result (with 2 lines, one faint.) I wasn't sure if this was an error or if this was the real deal, so I took other tests and nothing has come back positive since. I called the help line and they said this was the first time they'd ever heard of these results. I'm not so thrilled, because getting a false positive TWICE can sure mess with your emotions.


Jami - June 16

Hi I was wondering what you ladies found out. I too am having the same problem. Said not pregnant, but when I ejected there is 1 dark line and the other is about 1/2 as dark. Wondering if I am, but not enough to trigger test? I'll reply when I get final results. I'm going to buy a FRED. Best of luck to you.


B - June 16

I had similar results, I got a - with two lines and + the next day also with two lines. I still don't know what to make of it, a friend of mine took the test and got a - and only had one line. So... I'd say wait longer or take another test that test for less HGC.


Nicole - June 18

I also have taken four test and all of them have come out with one blue line and one faint blue line some darker than the others. If anyone knows what this means please let me know. Thanks


SUFIA - June 21



SABIA - June 21



Melynda - June 23

I just took this test Monday night. I am more than sure that I am pregnant right now but my test came back negative. When the test was ejected it read negative which is 1 line. The brand swears it can detect early pregnancy and mine did not. I waited 8 days to take the test and I held my urine for over 5 hours to be sure it would pick up the hcg levels. It didnt. I have one test left myself but have an appointment to get a blood test done in the morning. I was also told blood tests can come back negative and you can still be pregnant. I guess the real test is missing your period. I cant wait that long! Hope this helps.


lex - June 26

i have just took a clear blue test but not the digital one, im 6 days late it also said negative i have given up on the test waste of money for some women with my first it work but not now im sure im pregnant going 2 see my doctor on monday so fingers crossed



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