Clear Blue Easy Early Result Test Test Not Reliable

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Kim - September 11

I just wanted anyone who has taken this test and had faint positives to know that this test is unreliable. I received many many positives, within the specified time period. The lines became blue quite quickly and I had a + on many tests. I had a quant_tative blood drawn and I was less than 2, not pregnant. This happened 2 months in a row. Even the doctor saw the so called "positive" tests. I finally decided to have my husband use the same brand test and he indeed is pregnant as well, what a miracle!! I can assure you that these lines came out quite immediately and are definitely blue, but they are evaporation lines. I'm glad I finally got smart, as I've been throwing away lots of money on these tests. When I contacted the manufacturer and told them that my blood test was negative, but I received positive urine tests, they stated "we don't deal with blood." I will be getting a refund.


Ana - July 20

the same thing happen to me. i still keep getting positive results and we are not pregnant we are going to the doctor again today.


Kim - July 20

If you call them they will send you your money back!


Erin - August 2

This has happened to me also!! I thought I was having chemical pregnancies, what a relief it would be to find out that the test was wrong. Can you say Cla__s Action Lawsuit?


diane - August 2

Ditto! I couldn't believe my eyes when 3 times in as many days I got a positive result, especially since on day 2 I was on my period. I am mortified for people who are really exited and have their hopes dashed by looking at this stupid test. They should be ashamed of themselves and I am in full agreement that there should be a lawsuit!


Kim - August 4

Well, I'm glad to hear I was not the only one. Like I said earlier, you should get your money back. All it took was a call, no receipt was necessary. Maybe if we all call they will start doc_menting this and try to perfect their test, but I doubt it. They are making tons of money.


susan - August 12

Same thing that happened to me today!! I didnt think it was an evaporation line because it came up in 3 minutes. I am very dissapointed with this brand.


Kim - August 14

Sorry to hear you've had the same problem. I'm now 10 dpo and I am confirmed pregnant. I took an equate brand hpt (WalMart) sensitivity 100 and it showed positive. My blood hcg was only 32. So, it goes to show you that you don't have to buy those so called sensitive brands to get a positive hpt early on if you are truly pregnant.


Brenda - August 15

Damb! this is very stressfull as it is.. and I've just went through an EPT Test that shows confusing results-so I've just bought this Clear Blue Easy EARLY Test. Maybe I should return it and go to Walmart!


Kim - August 17

Yes, go to WalMart! I just found out I'm pregnant and the test I used was WalMart with a sensitivity of 100 and my blood hcg was only 32. That means even the higher sensitivity tests can pick up new pregnancies. Good luck.


Jodi - August 23

Thank God I am not crazy! I tested 6 times within a week and kept getting false positives. My blood test proved I was not pregnant and we were crushed!!


Kim - August 23

This really makes me sick! The manufacturer of this test has made so much money on all of us and their answer when you get a faint positive is to test in a few days. What a crock. I wish there was something we could do about it!!


Sara - August 25

I used one this morning...the clear blue. And it was a faint +..............I hope its a real +, because I've already gone through so many, and we just want to know. I'll buy another brand tomorrow!!!!!


Sommer - August 29

Just to let you all know, the ones with the pink tip are the NEW ones, and aren't giving the false + results that the old ones were. I, too, got a faint + on the old style test, and a - on the pink tipped one. What a disappointment.


Jenny - August 29

I agree that you don't need to go and buy all those expensive name-brand tests...that happened to me...only I was 3 weeks late on my period, and I would take EPT 4 of them came back neg. (I was dissapointed =( .. then I went and took a first response and my result came out positive in no time...I guess the only certain way to be sure is if you get your blood drawn.


KrisQ - September 7

I am so mad, after reading all of your comments I decided to re-test with First Response and I got a negative result after having a positive from Clear Blue Easy. My husband and I are so disappointed to have gottenour hopes up.


Jenna - September 7

Hang on people, i took the clear blue and it came up - and im pregnant.



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