Clear Blue Test W Visible Vertical Line False Positive

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al - September 1

just took a clear blue showed up with a distinct vertical line but a faint horizontal that a false positive?


Brianna - August 30

AL- was it a clear blue easy early pregnancy test? Min was the exact sam thing. It was the one that is supposed to a plus sign right? well mine was very faint with a horizontal line but a little fainter with a vertical line. wait i get them mixed up but please let me know anything further on that please!!!!!!!!!! thx


Lauren - August 30

I took the test too and my line across was very visable and the line going up and down was very faint. At a glance it looks like a positive.


Kim - August 31

You should read the other posts about this test. Unfortunately, it gives lots of false positives!


al - September 1

yeah...clear blue test w/ the "+" and "-" indicators...dark up and down line and very faint across line...what does that mean?


Kim - September 1

I posted on this before when it kept happening to me month after month. Bottom line is I had my husband test and he also got a positive. Called the manufacturer and they sent me my money back. I think more women need to call with these false positives, if they are indeed false positives confirmed with a doctor. The manufacturer needs to perfect this test and know that many women have had this outcome time and time again.


Gaby - September 16

Hey, I m 4 days past my period and i had s_x with my husband 15 days ago. Yesterday i took 2 pregnancy tests, one in the mid-morning and one at night. Both of them came out negative. This morning i took another test that came out also negative. My period hasn't arrived yet but i m feeling menstrual cramps for 2 days now. Can i be pregnant still??? please answer


Grace - September 16

I have took the clear blue test too - and got a clear horizontal line but a very faint vertical line - does this mean i am pregant or not??


brucen - September 17

Go get the Walmart brand Equate, they have 2 for the price of 1 and it's more accurate.



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