Clearblue Easy Help Plz

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Trisha - February 16

I have taken SOOO many CBE test and all have come up faint pos , the last one taken today and is darker then the others. Im 13 days late and i have heard some not so good things about this brand ....Does anyone have anything good to say about it, Or should i just not get my hopes up....I want a baby so bad and this is just very confusing....Thanks for any info.


Lisa - February 16

I have also used CBE and had a very faint pos. I took 4 tests in total and they all were very faint. I am now 31 weeks preg. So I don't think it matters how faint the lines are. Congrats!!!!!!


Jamie - February 16

if the test shows up positive, EVEN VERY FAINT (but over dramatize with your imagination) that you can count on being pregnant. The only thing about cbe is that sometimes it will give you a false negative- but it's soooo unbelievably rare to get a false positive- congratulations!


Jamie (correction) - February 16

*i meant DON'T over dramatize with your imagination. sometimes we want to see something so bad we think that we really do. be careful- but none-the-less, even if it's faint- make your dr. appt to confirm because it looks good for you =)


sa__sy - February 16

i have heard thats its impossible to have a false positive test.....and, both my sister inlaw and i had very faint pos lines.....we both have beautiful babies


LeAnne - February 16

Thank you do much for your info, Im glad that somone has something good to say about CBE i thought it might be my imagination because i did want it so bad, so i showed it to my friends and my mom and it there is very clearly a blue line, but then other women said you cant trust this test....ty


james - February 17



Wish - February 18

So Is this test a good one or not?


Mandy - February 18

I took a CBE earliest results, and got all faint pos, on 6 tests in the time frame they say, but when i took the other CBE that is not 4 days before you missed peroid , the one with the pink tip- its a BFN , does anyone know the diff between these 2 tests that are made from the same ppl, I know one can be taken 4 days before you miss and one is the day of your missed period, but im 2 weeks late wouldnt ANY test show a BFP by now and not just the early test???


stacie - February 18

I have had the same things happen to me, can anyone help?


Amy - February 18

Maybe the early test and picking it up just because there are not enough hormones/


Hmm - February 19

Does anyone know anything about this test???



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