Clearblue Easy Digital Test

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Hopen4baby - October 26

Does anyone have any experience with this test? I took this test and it said "Not Pregnant", but when I removed the test stick, there were clearly two lines. Am i pregnant? Are these tests reliable. I took a different pregnancy test this morning and got a faint positive. Are these tests reliable? Please HELP!


Julie - October 26

It was reliable for me, I got a PREGNANT result at 10 dpo, and had a blood test taken the same morning, and I only had an HCG count of 14 at the time. Mine was SUPER sensitive. It is possible to get a NOT PREGNANT when you are pregnant though. Sometimes if you take it too early, as with all tests, you'll get a false negative. The test looks at the intensity of the colors among other things. What did your lines look like...particularly the one on the left?


Sarah - October 26

I took one of the Clearblue Digital Test and I had the same experience two lines but "Not Pregnant" showed. I waited a few days and took another regular HPT and got a faint +. Went a little nuts and took 3 more all +. I am now 13 wks and 2days and would never recommend the digital test to anyone.


to hopen4baby - October 27

i took 2 Clear Blue Digital test and they both came back at "Not Pregnant" and when i removed the stick there was 2 lines too. so i called the 800 number and they said that the lines not mean anything. but i didnt bleive it. i took a blood test and im 6wks prego. and i also wouldnt recommend a digital test to anyone.


Alyssa - October 27

From what I have heard they aren't very sensitive. Taking them early is not a good idea. Plus every woman produces different amounts of HcG hormones. So one day past someones period is not exactly one day past anothers. It's so hard!! It all depends on your levels really and you don't automatically know them! Good luck to anyone who uses this test!


Becca D - October 27

Yeah, I took one today, I'm about 16 came up "not Pregnant' but had the two lines, which I know they say the test picks up LH - so who knows. I just thought and feel pregnant!! I had a negative with FRE at 14dpo, so it's probably right :( question for to hopen4baby , you said you had a blood test and you are 6 long after you got the "not pregnant" did you get the blood test done? That goes for everyone on here who had a "not Pregnant" but turned out to be. Also, what dpo did you do the digital? Thanks in advance for all of your responses


shannon - November 5

I took one last night and I messed it up and it read nothing, but there were 2 very dark blue lines, does that mean anything?


Julie - November 5

Don't quote me on this, but in my experience, the more pregnant I am, the darker the line on the left. I think most people will have a faint line on the left, but if it's really dark, I think that's a great sign...If it were me...I'd be guessing I was pregnant. You'll have to test again to be sure. Good Luck!



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