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paula - September 10

i have just done a test and it looks as though it has a faint cross ther it came up withen the first minute whats worring me is that i had been doing acon test there ment to be really senstive and they have been negative im so scared to get excited about result in case its wrong i am late i just wondered if anyone else had had this happen and it turned out to be a false postive


denise - July 7

i just took a clearblue last week and it was also very faint i had a blood test and im preg i do know if its very early they come up light call your doc


Dana - August 2

I am so glad that I found this site! I took the EXACT same test and the EXACT same thing happened! I am so glad that I have found people who took the same test as I did. I took that one a week ago. I am taking another tonight. Glad to hear some news about the one that I took. I'm taking another brand this time though. Thank you so much for your imput you two! I'm hoping that I am pregnant!


amanda - August 3

i'm 11 days late and i've done 2 tests and they've both said negative. i'm going to see my doc tonight. i really hope i am!!


Kim - August 4

Hate to burst anyone's bubble, but after taking many of these tests and getting faint positives, my quant blood work was negative. Made my husband actually take one of these tests, and yes, he's pregnant too!?? I think you have to verify faint positives with blood work to be absolutely certain, and until then please don't get your hopes too high.


To kim, from Tanya - August 7

Kim, you made my day, I haven't laughed that hard in a while, I too have had the same "light" appearance, so ladies try another brand, like EPT or something, Well, Kim, give your husband a big congratulaion HUG from all of us. I totally agree with Kim on this one, If you don't get a clear result take another test, or go to the DR.


Kim - August 9

BTW, after my hubby tested positive I called the manufacturer and have since been refunded my money. They had the nerve to say "men have hormones too!" Those customer reps are so knowledgable, ha ha.


Helen - August 9

A Clear Bue pregnancy test is the most accurate on the market and is often use by doctors themselves. A faint line is still considered a "positive" result. You are probably testing too early, so there is not much HcG in your wee. It is impossible to get a false positive on a Clear Blue pregnancy test. It's clearly worrying you, so wait 3 days then test again using a Clear Blue pegnancy test, or go to your doctor to get a blood reading.


Kim - August 11

Can't be the most accurate with so many woman claiming the same thing, faint cross, then no hcg in quant blood test. Like I said before, my husband got a positive as well within the reaction time. If you read other posts on this site, you will see many other woman complaing of the same test. I can a__sure you I am NOT pregnant. You cannot say it is impossible to get a false positive, when it has happened to other women, just because it has not occurred in your case. Blood tests are accurate, hpt's are not as accurate. If blood is drawn on the same day you get your so called positive hpt, there will be hcg in your system if you are indeed pregnant. I am not speaking for everyone who has taken Clear Blue tests, but I know from my own 3 months of throwing money away, these tests can give false hope. If Paula is not pregnant, she should get her money back as I did.


Rhiannon - August 11

I have a question on sunday i took a First Response and it came up positive (light) we got really excited and after reading some of the comments on this site tonight i took another one(same brand) it came up neg.could it be that its too early or should i belive the positive over the neg.?


Kim - August 11

My personal experience with First Response. For several months I would get faint positives then they would disappear the next day. My doc confirmed not pregnant through blood quant. levels. When I was pregnant before I took an EPT and an Equate 11 days after ovulation and I got positives. I'm sorry to say I don't think the First Response or Answer, who are manufactured by the same company give reliable results.


unknown - August 12

They say that men can get positives on any test.


carl - September 10

i used the clear blue test and i got 1 minus line does that mean im not pregnant


jody - September 17

I had a very faint cross (very dark vertically but faint horizontally) and I went to my doctors for blood tests 2 days later and am still wating for results.


stephanie - September 17

It is probably positive then but did you drink alot of fluids before the test. That can decrease the levels present in your urine. The longer you wait to take a test the stronger the levels of HCG are in your system so you are probably pregnant. Congradulations and good luck now go see your Doctor A.S.A.P. ok GOD BLESS!!


sarah - September 30

i have done 2 clr blue tests first one came up faint negative so did another which showed i wasn't then an hr later a positive result came up! so is clr blue meant to work like that by either staying negative or does it go positive after allotted time you have to wait?


April - October 6

Just did a Clear Blue Pregnancy test cause I'am going on 6 weeks late and thought for sure I was pregnant...Don't know if it's a positive or not? When you're not pregnant the first line it suppose to be vertical right? Mine in the other way around and it looks like there is another line making it positive but I don't know what to think? Can someone help me out?



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