Coloured Evap Or Bfp

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kelbabe - September 24

i took a test this morning, which was neg. i just happened to look at it, and there is a faint line. but def there. it is also a faint red colour. aren't evaps always colourless? could this be pos?


kay101 - September 24

I've had blue evaps before. Try a different test. First Response, from my experience, don't have evap lines. I even took the test apart to check for you ladies :) before I got my bfp.


kelbabe - September 24

the line is purple. and a lot clearer when i took the test apart!!


kay101 - September 24

That's what I did with mine too. I took a rite aid brand once, it was negative, and left it on the counter overnight and in the morning the positive line was as bright as the control. I've also had evaps with Walgeens brands and when I took them apart the was a pale blue line. I am 100% a first response girl :) I got a positive on cycle day 23 and I really trust them. I would try testing with a different brand to be sure. Good luck and I hope you get the answer you want! Maybe you can come joint me on the first trimester board because I seem to be the only June mommy right now!


kelbabe - September 25

oh kay, i took a test this morning, and it was neg. i was sure to read it within the ten mins. i will get a first response next week. did any of your evaps turn out to be pos?


singlem0m - September 25

Kelbabe, I just wanted to say good luck! Definitely try the first response.


kelbabe - September 26

thanks singlmom. i am going to wait till next week now. im still not sure when im due. im either one day late or im due next tues. i will get the first response. ill let you know. x x


kay101 - September 26

Nope, I got my af when I got the evaps. I tested with a cheap internet test off ebay this month, and I tossed it in my pocket because I was running late for work. I've used them before and never had an evap, but it looked like there was one. I thought it might just be because the test wasn't laid flat after I used it, but I tested with a first response when I got home and it was positive.


kelbabe - September 27

yeah, i tried an early response but it was neg. i didnt use fmu but im not worried. i dont think this is my month, so i will leave it. im going away next tues (day i think im due) so i will do the other test then, just incase, so i know if i cant have a drink whilst im away. but, i really dont think it will be this month. i dont feel any different and i dont have any signs,


lovelyladyy - October 3

ive taken 3 epts and all came out with faint lines within mins of taking them. i took a first response yesterday, thought i saw a very faint line. later the line was more visible once it dried & it was pink. is that a positive? or a evap?


katt31 - October 5

lovelyladyy I had the same problem took two yesterday one came up positive next negative. The first one was a cheaper test, so I am really pretty sure I am not, but I do think the first test I took tricked me with a very fast appearing evap line. I saw a faint line after the first few minutes, but I am reluctant to believe it is positive. I hope that you get the answer your looking for keep me up to date, and I will also let you know how mine turns out. God Bless all you ladies, and baby dust to all.


k. - October 5

I used to be an Equate girl.... I never had a problem when I used them 2 years ago when I was trying, never even had an evap line.. I took an equate last night and one this morning with FMU and I got 2 evaps.....(i think)... Totally, go for first response..!!!!


katt31 - October 5

k, how do you know they were evaps i don't know how to tell the difference, why do they even make evap lines? You would think there is a way not to have this sort of problem we are in 2007 lol!


k. - October 5

I took a first response tonight and it was negative, but I always found the equate to be more sensitive..... I don't know, I have another first response to take in a couple of days with FMU... Did you test again Katt.?


katt31 - October 6

k i also find equate always worked best for me. That was the first test i took, second test was first response. I tested again came up negative... I will test agin next week, but my hopes are slipping fast.


GimmeaBub - October 7

Hey Girls, First reponse is good because i havnt experineced any evaps on it, it's iether a YES OR A NO! not a maybe. I got my first BFP ona first reponse my second ona Clear Blue, and I just made sure with a brand called Crystal Clear, (its an australian brand) and it's awesome, it's like clear blue with the + sign and i got a very evry very quick positive, and it's been getting darker the last coupla days, it also has pictures of the types of positives you will get on that brand within the 2 mins, and sure enough mine was on there. but me being me i was still concerned, so i rang up the hotline and they told me, any sorta line i am getting is a positive, as mine was for sure because it came up in 15 seconds, he also said to make sure if i am wotrried to test in a coupla days cause my HCG levels will be rising. So I was happy with that. Some tests are in my opinion iffy, i dont like testing with digitals, but i will be next week, cause i am worry wart even though i already got my BFP lol. Baby Juice Girls



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