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Roxyneed2kno - May 4

Ok heres the story... my husband is in the military and we havent had s_x since January, the on April 17th we were reunited and for lack of better words have been doin like jack rabbits ever since. Well my period was suppose to come April 20th. It has yet to show up. A few days after the 20th i had one episode with spotting and that was the last I've seen of what should have been my period. Well now I'm 14 days late and need to know if it is possible to get pregnant 3 days before your period? And when I should take a pregnancy test? I dont want to do it too soon and get the wrong reading. Anyones input would be lovely. Thanks.


mjvdec01 - May 5

If you are 14 days late then it is definitely time to test!! There are women that get pregnant close to their period. It isn't as likely, however it does happen. I recently read a study that said that as much as 30% of women ovulated twice during a cycle, each cycle being different ofcourse. All I can say is take a test. If you aren't pregnant then I would that something else may be going on. Good luck!!!


Roxyneed2kno - May 5

i realized that i didnt but some info in the first postin that maybe i should have. i also have been really tired. im sleepin all the time. and my back hurts so bad. my breat have also been sore, like they would be during my period. but i took a hp test a couple of hours ago and it came back negative. should i wait a week or so and take another one? or am i just losing it?


Roxyneed2kno - May 9

okay so i still havent gotten my period. so im going on day 18. i havent taken a preg test since the first time. im worried that if i do and it comes bak neg that im gonna be disappointed. however i have been havin these weird feeling in my lower abdomen. they havent been period cramps that i usually get they are not in the same spot they are kinda lower, kinda curious as to wat they could be? also when should i test again? and wats the best test out there? thanks a million


cblack - May 9

14 days late is plenty late to take a test. I think you should take one as soon as possible. You must have a lot of self control.... lol.... I have already tested once (BFN) and I am not even due for AF till Friday the 16th


strix-aliana - May 9

i'm in the same boat as you are... waiting to know if i'm preggers!! good luck!!


ptense1978 - May 14

I want to add to these other wonderful posts that be sure to use your FMU (First Morning Urine). I know you probably hear that a lot, but it really is the most concentrated urine of the day. You may need to wait a couple more days before testing again, since you may not be that far along. I have read that it takes a few days for the baby to implant and then start producing the HCG hormone. I will pray for you and your family! I pray that this is your month! Sincerely, Tam


Roxyneed2kno - May 15

thanks tam! i really hope that this is my months too. i want more than anything to start my family now. just an update though. a few days ago i took another hpt, it was first response and it came up negative again. but still no period. im tryin my hardest to be patient and wait it out. my b___st are still sore and i swear they are bigger. but i dont kno cause the husband isnt here ( he's in the military) he'll be bak soon. i really hope that this is it so i can surprise him when his ship pulls bak in. im gonna wait until the 20th and take another test first thing that morning, that is if i can hold out that long. i'll keep everyone posted, as we all wait together.


Roxyneed2kno - May 21

okay update. so the morning of the 17th i took another hpt and again it was negative. well today is the 20th of may and nothing still. no period or sign thereof. so i guess i'll just wait a week or so and test again. i hate waitin!!!!!!!!!!


StephanieS - May 21

Did you go to the doctor and get a blood test? They are supposed to be way more accurate than a regular urine test.


Roxyneed2kno - May 22

i got a blood test done but way too early. im gonna wait a week and see if my period comes (since this is around the time its suppose to be here) then if not im gonna go to the doc and get a blood test done again.


Roxyneed2kno - May 28

so still no period this month but i took a hpt again yesterday and negative again. so im not sure wat is goin on. my b___bs still are sore and im havin weird flutters in my lower abdomen. so i think the next step is definitely a blood test. so i guess we'll do that.



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