Confusing Result From Blood Test

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Crystal - April 1

I am really confused right now. I visited the doctor yesterday because i have been sick to my stomach. the other day i felt as though i were going to pass out and ended up throwing up all morning. I have felt warmer than usual, as if i'm running a low fever. because i just had my period a little over a week ago, the doctor was doubtful of pregnancy. However, he did run a couple blood tests, including a pregnancy test. Today, i recieved a call from a nurse saying i needed to come in for further tests sometime next week. She said that where a "5" would confirm pregnancy, i was at a "2". This is extremely confusing because if I am not pregnant, shouldn't my level be at 0? please give me as much information as possible. I have looked up a lot, but i really just want to hear from an actual person


Sam - April 1

I THINK its something like 2 and above is probably pregnancy but im afraid al you can do is wait until the next blood test to see if your levels have risen!


crystal - April 2

hello there i feel you i am on a 33 day cycle and i am now on day 41, 8 days late. i did a blood test on monday my level was a 5 the dr told me it needed to be at a 5 or above, i read my test it did say that every 48 hrs your hcg level rises to test again in a few days my dr told me that he thinks that i didnt ovulate last month i dont believe it, i feel i am pregnet. when i was pregnet with my daughter who is 7 i had 8 neg urine test and waited a longer time for my blood test that time i was 9 weeks late. My girl friend had a neg blood test and waited two more weeks later it was positive. i want to now who has had a negative blood test and then was pregnet and found out later. tracy hope this helps you


Crystal - April 3

I am basically waiting for the test to confirm pregnancy. right now i am wondering when conception would've been. my guess is that because the level is so low, it must have been within the past two weeks. I really want to know when i concieved if i am in fact pregnant, so any help is much appreciated


Sunny - April 5

i thought for a while that i was pregnant, so i went to see my doc and i got a blood test, my level was also a 2 which means not pregnant.. as long as your level is under 5 you more than likely arent pregnant. some women just have a small amount of hcg in their system, thats why a 1 doesnt mean pregnancy :). hope this helped some.


andrea - April 7

im totally confused as far as i knew 5 or over was a positive result. had blood test and result was 6 my gp told me i was not pregnant as it was not a high enough number that it would be in the hundreds or thousands i was tested for pregnancy levels at only about 4 days late for a period. dr said to retest in a week. i feel pregnant dont know what to think now. i had a heavy blood loss the day b4 the blood test but only for 1.5 days any ideas?


monica - June 17

your level has to be above a 4 to be pregnant



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