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veryconfused - April 6

My last two cycles prior have been very light and short lasting 1 1/2 days to 2 days. my last period was 2/3/06. Prior to that I was very tired and had constant discharge. on Cd 24 I had a brown discharge only when I wipe which lasted an hour. On cd 26 the same accured again. The following day what I thought was my period started it was not very heavy but did pass a very very very large clot ( sorry about the description) this has never happen to me before. the following day bleeding was still light and once again passed another huge clot. and than bleeding stopped. it only lasted 2days. I have taken 4 hpt which have given me mixed results. I used crystal clear which had a very very faint line, but the the first response early was negative. Also my belly is buldging a little and I am feeling fluttering in my abdomen. Is it possible I am pregnant or am I just crazy.


maren - April 6

its possible but with bleeding clots it lowers your chances. You might have a bulge but its probably just water retention. And you would not have felt baby move. generally people dont feel baby move the first fluttering feelings till around 12-16 weeks. Did you get your period for april yet or when do you expect it. Sorry i was a bit confused what about march?


DanielleIsJsMommy - April 6

It's possible to have a chemical pregnancy, meaning that it just never took. That might explain your pregnancy test results. Try waiting a few more days and testing again.


veryconfused - April 7

Thank you guys. I went for an ultra sound this morning and found out I have what looks like a small fibroid in the uterus which was not there five months ago. I did take another hpt this morning and it was much fainter than before, so I guess it could have been a miscarrige. I am still feeling tired though and last nigh nearly through up. Gyne said to come back in a month to see if there is any change.



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