Could I Be Pregnant

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Veronica - May 15

Hi everyone. I have a question to ask. My boyfriend and I had s_x 3 times one was the 28th and the 29th and the other was on the 3rd. then on the 8th i got my period i took a test On the 11th a EPT test and it came out negative both did.. then i went to the doctor and got a blood test.. the blood test came out negative.. but i have the feeling im pregnant. my stomach hurts my br___t feel tingly they arent sore cause i can touch them and the only thing i feel is tingly or as if they are burning like a light brush my lower back hurts and i feel like throwing up sometimes but i dont actually throw up.. if anyone can help me i would like that.. please i need to ease my mind. should i retest tomorrow to see if i am ?cause someone says it takes 10 days to implant and when i had my period it was light in the bowl and in my pad it was not as heavy.. the first day i had brown spotting.. so im scared..


hmm.. - May 15

you probaly are pregnant.. get over it


bothered - May 16

im not planning to get pregnant. i had the first day of my last period on the 24 april. then i had unprotected s_x on the 1 may. within 24 hours i had taken the emergency pill. from then til the 6 th may i had spotting. then around 7th, 8th , 9th it got heavy whichi thought was my period. anyhow, at the moment (17days after having uprotected s_x) i feel pregnant. i urinate more frequently then often and my stomach is showing a bump...its been only 17 days since conception, please tell me my not planning to be pregnant....


Kelly - May 17

If you had your period, and both a HPT and blood test came back negative, chances are you're not pregnant. You can retest if it will ease your mind, however given the info upbove I'd say it isn't necessary. If your late for your next period, then yes, I'd retest. From the moment of conception, it takes 7-10 days for a fertilized egg to travel through the follopian tubes into the uterus and implant. It's only after the egg implants that you begin to feel the signs of pregnanct, which are also the same signs as your period.


Kelly - May 17

To Bothered- If your not wanting to get pg, I would suggest talking with your dr and getting on some kind of Birth Control and making your partner use a condom. The Morning After pill is not always effective(it's basically just like a birth control pill, but in a higher dose) and should not be taken for casual s_x. If you suspect that maybe you are pregnant, take a home pregnancy test, if that shows negative wait a few more days and try again. If still nothing, your best choice is to see your dr and have them do blood work.



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