Could I Be Pregnant With A Negative Blood Test At 5-7 Weeks?

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Marisa Milly - August 24

I have been going crazy because I cannot seem to figure out whether or not I am pregnant. Conception would have been 5 weeks ago. I started feeling “different” a few days after conception. A week later I had very light spotting for 2 days, a week before my period was supposed to start. I usually have regular periods that are heavy and last 7-8 days. I thought that this light bleeding might have been implantation bleeding. I have been having some symptoms and I can’t shake the intuitive feeling that I am pregnant. A week ago I got a VERY faint positive on a Clearblue plus test. I read that a positive is a positive no matter how faint, if read in the specified time frame (which it was). A few days later the line never got darker so I decided to go and get a blood test, the kind that gives you actual level. It came back negative, with a level of less than 2 HCG. I was surprised and even tried to let the idea go after hearing those results, but I still cannot shake the feeling that I am. I have taken a few home tests since my blood test last Thursday and they have all come up with the same very faint positive line. And I am 2 weeks late for my period. It also worries me that the faint positive hasn’t gotten the slightest bit darker in the last week, and technically if there is any HCG in my system it should be doubling every few days right? If anyone has any stories of their own or about people they know who have experienced anything like this I would really appreciate it! I am just trying to wrap my head around all of this and not stress out. Thanks!


Grandpa Viv - August 24

Marisa, that blood test would rule out pregnancy in the mind of any professional. Maybe you should wait until you miss a second period, then ask the doc for an ultrasound to look for a cyst. 



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