Could It Be A False Negative Could I Be Pregnant

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F R I E N D - December 12

I am 14 days delayed now.. I haven't been this late. I did hpt 3 days ago and it came out frustrating. I felt so bloated right now and I have rapid hearbeat and sometimes lightheadedness. I know something is wrong and my instinct is telling me I am pregnant. Althought this would be my first time I swear I never felt like this before. And oh by the way my discharge are clear sticky white.. is that normal? Do you think I should take another HPT test? or I should just go ahead and take a quant_tative blood test?


beth - December 12

I think you should take a test. Why haven't you? Let me know the results. I am in the same situation


F R I E N D - December 12

hi beth, I really would love to have another test now but I have to wait till tomorrow because I run out of HPT/EPT kit. Hopefully the next HPT result will be something I want to know. How about you Beth how long have you been delayed now? It's glad to know I am not alone.


rodica - December 13

I am in the same situation. I have a doctor appointment on Thursday. I will let you all know of the outcome. It's been so frustrating, I am after 4 negative hpt and 13 days late.


cs - December 13

I am 15 days late and i've had 4 negative hpts. I too am having clear white sticky discharge and very bloated/ga__sy feeling in my stomach. If I don't get my period by next week, i'll take another test.. i just don't want to be disappointed again if it's negative...


rodica - December 13

to cs: I know the feeling. Honestly, I am scared of this doctor appointment, I don't want to be dissapointed again. I have exactly the same symptoms as you. Nothing on the b___sts though.


F R I E N D - December 13

Hi rodica, I just had another HPT test today and I got another negative result not even a faint line. I have my appointmenton Wednesday for blood test and I am actually scared that I might get another negative result.


F R I E N D - December 14

hello cs ...same here... it's my 15th day of being late. I already did 2 hpt with no luck yet. please keep us posted.


rodica - December 14

to FRIEND: Good luck with your appointment. Please let us know how you did. I will not have another hpt until I go to see the doctor, but I will keep you posted.


F R I E N D - December 15

I had another urine test today when I saw my doctor and the result is negative. I wouldn't know my blood test result till tomorrow. Also now I know why my belly is getting bigger. I am diagnosed with epigastric hernia. I am not really hoping now to get a positive result in my blood. I think I am convince I am not pregnant that I am just ill.


F R I E N D - December 16

and if I am pregnant I think it will complicated due to my hernia. anyway good luck to all of you who are trying to conceive.


Jenny C - December 16

Hello all, glad to see that i am not alone. I am in a similar situation, i always have my period after 28days it never fails. I am now 6 days late, i had a test when i was four days late and it was negetive, Still no sign of period, but have been disy, ga__sy, and bloated. i spoke to my doc she said very rare you have a false negative is that true, if i don't get it by mon she wants me to go see her what you think? please help


rodica - December 16

Today was my doctor appointment...he said no signs of pregnancy and again the hpt was negative. He told me to wait for another month:((


Beth - December 16

Friend, I am know 14 days late for my period. I had a blood test done and I am not pregnant. I haven't gone to the doctor yet. I'll wait a couple more weeks.


F R I E N D - December 16

Hello Jenny C. my doctor told me that some women about 3% doesn't show a positive result until they are 4 weeks late. You should see her (your doc) and have a blood test if possible that is more accurate than urine test. Good luck!


F R I E N D - December 16

Hi rodica did you have a blood test?


rodica - December 16

no..they said there is no possibility to be pregnant. The uterus is not expanded at all...dc said I just did not ovulate this month...I am so confused now.



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