Could It Be Period Pain

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Lyndsey - January 26

i'm only a couple of days late but have done two hpt which are neg. me and my husband made a point of trying to conceive at the right time, i know this because my cycle is a guaranteed 28 days! For the last week i have been experiencing a sort of slight period pain and mixture of tingling in my belly. I pee alot anyway so no change there! and my br___ts are not sore but they never are during my period. I've also had a few nose bleeds lately. is there anyone with these symptoms? as every thing i read doesn't mention the tingling in my belly or nose bleeds.


QLeO - January 26

I'm 2 days late as well and 5 neg tests! Last week I had all the symptoms that my period was going to come - cramps and mood swings, but it went away few days before my period was supposed to be due. Since the 24th I've been having tingling feeling and period-like cramps, my b___sts aren't sore either, just my nipples are a little bit sensitive, and I normally pee a lot too. Heheh! I don't have nose bleeds though. But then I've just come off the pill Nov 04, may be I'm late because my hormones are going crazy - I dont know. =) Although I'm hoping that I'm pregnant. But all the negative tests and no period? It's driving me crazy not knowing for sure.


Sierra - January 26

There are many symptoms of pregnancy, but most of them we never hear about. I've read somewhere on the Internet that nosebleeds are a sign of pregnancy. I also read that if you have allergies, when you're pregnant they sometimes become worse. I'm 3 weeks late, and my allergies are driving me crazy. I have the same feelings in my stomach that you're having. I feel like I'm going to throw up constantly, however, I never do though. I feel full all the time too. I'm also a smoker, and lately smoking has made me sick to my stomach, so I have since stopped smoking. I've taken 6 htp's; all of which came out negative. This uncertainty is driving me insane. Best of luck to you.


QLeO - January 27

Sierra, I'm smoke too. The last few weeks I can only smoke for cravings sake. It makes me gag when I smoke, and the smell of cigarette smoke makes me sick. I havent touched one all week. Which is good. The thing is, I dont feel like throwing up, but I'm hungry all the time. My b___sts are not sore, just sort of like tingling feeling on my nipples, but they feel heavier. My cramps come and go. No AF and still negative HTP!!!!! Good luck to you, and baby dust to everyone!!!



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