Cramps But No Period Negative Test

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QLeO - January 25

Hi, I'm 24 and was on the pill for about 3 years when my husband and I decided to stop in Nov 04 because we want ttc, but the nurse advised for us to wait another 3 months before ttc. I was always a regular 26-28 day cycle before getting on the pill. The 1st day of my last pill cycle was Nov 17, for 4 days (which is normal for me). And my natural cycle started Dec 24 till 29. My husband and I had unprotected s_x since Jan 15, (thinking we're on the clear). It's the 25th today, I should have my period already. Last week I had all the signs that my period was coming - cramps, warm and moist down there and moody. But they were gone 2-3 days before my period was due. I started to get cramps again yesterday my abdomen felt a bit tight as well although it comes and goes. I'm still cramping today but no period as yet. My br___ts are not swollen or sore but they do feel a bit heavy and my nipples feel a bit sensitive but not so much. I took HPT today and it came out negative. I do want to get preggy. I've never been pregnant before so I dont know want to expect. Could I be? Or is it just in my head?


Cheri - January 27

Hang in there. Please do write in to say what happens in the next week - I really would be interested. I stopped taking the pill last June with the intention of getting pregnant after a few months of world travel. July and August was a normal 28-30 day cycle, then whammo I didn't get my period at all in September, but I was still travelling continents, so it may have been related to lifestyle changes. Mid-October I got my period after 46 days! November cycle came to 34 days. By December I had returned home and to normal life for over a month - at about 28 days I started to feel uncomfortable bloating like never before, my b___bs were getting bigger and had numbing sensations for a few days, then one evening for no reason at all I felt really nauseous. My husband did not have this so it can't have been food related. The nausea stopped after only 10-20 mins. I was sure I was pregnant. I took a hpt and it was negative. The next morning I took another hpt - still negative. Then I got what I thought was my period, but this only last 2 days instead of the usual 4-5. This week I had another 2 day period, after what seems to be 38 day cycle. I don't know if a 2 day period means that I am not ovulating? It isn't until things like this happen that you realise hormones govern everything...!


QLeO - January 28

Thanks for the input Cheri! Af not here yet and negative tests! I still have period-like pain and cramps, and there's still the tingling sensation on my nipples, although my b___sts are not sore. I spoke to my GP, she said it's normal for a woman to miss one period, if I miss 2 periods in a row she asked me to see her. May be it's just my hormones going crazy after the pill. The thing is I'm a bit worried about the pain in my lower belly, I'm scared that it could be some infections or someting. I mean, better to check earlier than sorry later. Have you spoken to your GP yet Cheri?


Cheri - January 28

I haven't visited the doctor yet. All those symptoms have pa__sed, so I thought I might see how next month goes. Might try monitoring my temperature this month. Wish me luck!! Did you mention your cramps to your doctor? You are right to get it checked out sooner rather than pay for it later. I have a friend who has just fallen pregnant, she is having those sorts of pains never know, there is a chance you still could be...let me know...?


QLeO - January 28

I did tell my GP about the cramps, she said not to worry. But it's hard not to! I'm going to the clinic on wed, a different doc though, to get a second opinion. Will let you know what she says. Good luck Cheri!


girlski - January 29

QleoO, I feel like I am in the same boat with you with the same type of symptoms and feelings, only I have never been on the pill and there is no way I am pregnant. I am worried, too.


Ms Ellzey - January 30

Hello, Im 23 I am married and I have been trying to get pregnant for quite some time. No luck so I stopped worring about it, well my period had been all meesed up for years, then fianlly it started to get back on the right track, well I havent had a period now for almost 2 months, I am really moody (says my husband) constantly hungry I have lower abdomial cramps, and lower back pain along with frequent urination....I took Hpt, it came back negative, Could I be pregnant?


Shellie - January 30

Hi guys. I have had a long time of confusion with my AF which seems be all over the place for the past few months. Trying to make a baby isn't as easy as we are led to believe. But girlski your situation seems a little different when you say that there is no way you could be pregnant - there is no need to wait for any hcg results, you probably should go see your gp...? Have you been stressing of late and this could be the reason...?


Terri - February 1

Hi everyone...I'm having the same symptoms in my lower stomach area...The thing is that I spotted light for three days. It was like a pinkish color...I took a P.T. and it was negative. And I remember when I had my second child it felt like I was coming on my period but no blood and a couple of weeks later I was pregnant. I ask my doctor why I was cramping feeling like I was about to come on my period she told me that it was implatation of the fetus.....that causes mild cramping. Also i'm going to wait a couple weeks to take another P.T. Or just go to the doctor and let them do a blood sample and u can find out that way alot quicker. So I wish you all the best of luck. And to be honest. I thnk I know that I am pregnant..But my b___st or not swollen and i'm not sleeping alot..But as of right now I am feeling sick to my stomach.....So i'll keep u guys posted.


kari - February 1

Before I knew i was pregnant with my son I was a day late (and I'm never late) but I had light cramping so I figured I was fine and I would wait a few days before taking a test. I was 4 days late when i gave in and said well maybe I'm cramping but my period isn't coming because I'm stressed and I figured Once I took the test (and if it was neg) i woould be releived and get it but instead it was pos- I had no other signs beside cramping (no nausea no tenderness in my b___st- in fact I never got that) My son is now 4 mnths old and I'm scared that I'm pregnant again. I dont get my period until this weekend but ever since last week Tuesday I have been cramping (lightly) and getting a little pain in my lower back and legs, I'm extremly tired but I also have a child so that could be why! I called the nurse to seeif it was normal t cramp weks before and she said that was fine as long as they arent sharp shooting pains. I never had them this early when I got my period but If I dont get it Saturday first thing Sunday morning i'm taking a PT test- I'm hoping I'm not but If I am thats fine I can manage two toddlers-I think!!!!!


Tulip - February 3

I can totally relate to this. I got off the pill Jan.1 (with the plan to ttc) and started my period on the 3rd. On Monday (when I should have started my period) I had a lot of cramping throughout the entire day. When I didn't start I figured AF would come the next morning. I woke up with cramps but they were gone that afternoon. Same thing yesterday. Today, I have had almost no cramping just a little lower back pain. The only other symptom I have noticed is that my nipples are very sensitive, almost raw. However, my b___st are not sore. I don't know what is going on. About 8 DPO I had severe nausea that lasted about four days. I was also extremely tired! Last Saturday I slept about 16 hours. Now that AF is late, however, I feel fine! I'm sure it's just a symptom of getting off the pill. It's just good to hear about other people have similar experiences!


alex - February 11

hi there this is really great to read. I got off the pill in August and I was like clockwork for the first two months 31 31, than I was 5 days late 36, then 46 days late...and right now I am 66 days late. I took pregnancy test the last two times and all have been normal. I am a bit sick in my tummy and tired, but who knows this could be normal life stuff. Does anyone know what is normal or common for variations after you get off the pill? and does anyone know how common it is to be pregnant but test negative? (I have read of some women who deliver babies and never test positive). Thanks for the help:)


natalie249 - February 15

I am so glad all of you put your experiences on here. I have a problem too. My husband and I recently started trying for our second child. I am now four days late. I am extremely tired and my b___sts have been sore for two weeks. I took a hpt hte first day of my missed period and yesterday and both said negative. I can't understand what is going on. How anyone had a problem similar or heard of being pregnant and testing negative?


Jenna - February 16

I havent had my period in going on 2 months. I have never missed a period since I first started haveing one. I got nervous and excited about being pregnant. But I have taken 3 H.P.T and all 100% negative. I still havent had a period. Everyonce in awhile I get cramps or feel sick. Could I still be pregnant dispite the tests? I heard taking a test in the morning is better because you can get a better reading and I have taken them all at night....does anyone recommend anything, and is there still a possibility i could be pregnant??? Jenna


Tina - May 16

I know how you feel. My hubby and I have been trying...Had my period on April 3rd. Now it is May 16th and no period. I get sharp cramps and that annoying feeling of "I'm getting my period" but nothing happens. I took two prego tests and both neg. I am not stressed or anything my period has always been reg. I am about a 30 day cycle. Last time I go prego the test with the lines never worked and when I took a dig one it said PREGNANT. I lost the babe three months later. Maybe my thoughts of being prego has made my period not come? Can that happen?


Becky - July 27

Hey everyone. I just wanted to tell you that I had all of your symptoms. I already have a 21 mo and a 7 mo old. I missed my period and I am never late. I took HPT's all neg. went to the doc and took a urine- neg. I took a blood test- neg. Then another blood test a week later- neg. Still no period and my b___bs are swollen and leaking. And I was cramping too. I kept going back to the docs and everyone thought I was crazy. So I called my midwife from my last pregnancys. She believed me. She had me do an MRI and C-scan. Turns out I have a pituitary tumor (which is in your brain). Its small and secretes hormones making my body think it's prego. Please, all of you need to see your docs!!! And don't let them make you feel stupid! You know your body better than anyone else.


josie - July 27

hi i had a late period las tmonth by four days do i go by when my period came to see when my next period should come or is it when the period shouldof come that i calculate when myperiod should come. is itpossible to be pregnant even though test says negative



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