Cramps But No Period Negative Test

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rcd - January 8

Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum... I was going to post last night but I didn't have time. Can someone help me out with acronyms? I figured out a lot of them but still confused with some. I'm 26 (27 in 2 weeks!eek) engaged, and we are TTC. I had the Paragard copper IUD for about 4 years which worked wonderful, and got it taken out towards the end of October. My cycles have been really irregular for the past year due to my fiance being in another country and the stress of that. He's been home since July but my body still has not adjusted back to its normal cycle that it was always on. Anyway. I got my period the end of October about 4 days after I got my IUD taken out. It lasted until Nov 1. We had s_x a several times that month but I don't think it was during OV. After about 35 days, my period hadn't come, but had a negative HPT. (What is the acronym you guys use for this? BPN or something?) To me this was normal, but my fiance was so excited and wouldn't believe me when I said it was neg. I figured my period would be coming in the next week or 2, but it never came. Towards the end of Dec I still had no period and now about 50 days late. Had another negative HPT. Then, on Dec 30, 60 days late, I started getting cramps that really felt like menstrual cramps. I was excited in a way because I knew I wasn't pregnant, so I was so anxious for it to come so we could start trying again. Usually I get cramps about 3 days before and my period starts. Well, the cramps went of for like a week and no period. They were really bad at times too, which isn't really normal for me. I was starting to get concerned, which is how I stumbled across this site last night. I had more cramps last night and still nothing. So I read through everyone's posts and got some rea__surance... I decided to take one more HPT... still negative. Discouraging but what I expected. It was late so I decided I'd post my experience in the morning (now)... well guess what. I woke up today, and after going to the restroom, my period had started! Crazy huh? I'm just happy because I know now that my cycles started over so we can time it right and TTC while I'm OV this time. Hopefully that is some a__surance for those of you who are really late, that don't want to be pregnant. I was 69 days late. And even though my IUD did not have hormones in it, my doctor says its normal for my body to have to adjust not having it in, and she's not concerned at all. I've never had an abnormal pap and during my preconception appt everything was totally fine. So... good luck to those of us TTC, and good luck to those who are not! :)


hailz - January 9

can you get pregnant a week before your period?? i was stupid and had unprotected s_x on jan the 1st believing that you cant get pregnant unless your ovulating...i was ment to get my period on the four days late...never been late by more than one day....please help!!! im really un well at the moment and very stressed out... iv had constipation, bad abdominal c___ps, lower back pain...feeling sick when i eat....the works.... but i have been like this for about 2 weeks... please realy scared!


King - January 10

I have a question My periods are usually exactly on time and very painful , ( My husband and I have been trying to concieve lately ) but today it came on 1 day early, no cramping , no lower back pains , and no bloating at all. The odd thing is that instead of being red it is brownish and a little light . Could that be a sign of pregnancy ?


King - January 10

Also , i have been having mild headaches , feeling tired very tired


King - January 10

Also , i have been very nauseous lately , have headaches , and is very tired.


Jenngirl29 - January 18

Hello Im new to this but I was reading and wanted to post and get some kind of advise on to what is going on with my body since im really sure eveyone more less has went threw the same thing. So Iam now about one week from being two months late on my period. But before I say more let me just explan my history. Im 19 and my husband and I have been ttc for almost a year now no luck. I got started on birthcontrol when i was 16 for two reasons i was s_xually active and my period were starting to get a lil more irregular than usual so the doc decided it was best for both reasons. My period came every month to the day religiously! for about the next 3 years. At the start of this last year (2010) tho they started getting werid late or wayy heavy or wayy to light so i stopped the month of march after starting a funkey cycle. Reason being i just started thinking it was the bithcontrol and possibly stress so i decided id stop taking it and see the doc. Before i could get to that, me and my husband (just engaged at that time) talked and decided we wanted to start ttc a month went by after that and no period! I got sick (urine inf.) and went into the ER told them about my problems with my period they thought i could be pg so they tested.. neg! A lil bit of a let down but figured we could start trying again no big deal. They told me they wanted me to get a ultrasound done just to make sure everything was alright. So i did week later they let me know i had cysts and a fibroid whitch what was probably the problem. They told me to go to a gyno and see what i needed to do. so i did she said that what they found wasnt and shouldnt be the reason becuz they were very small and it just wasnt possible. Sugrey was what she wanted to do see she can go and look to rule out endometriosis and or maybe something else. So month and a half later surgry, threw this whole process i let her know that we were not trying to stop pregancy any more she said ok and thought itd be good for me sometimes i guess "it helps women if they get pregant"? But after the sugrey she said that she saw nothing, so maybe stopping the bc and that i had mosttlikely PCOS. I said ok after all that thats it and she told me she was giving me bc again!!? To help me start my period and blah blah and that i was tooo young to a child maybe after my body got regular! I was very upset i decied i wasnt going to do that, my husband and i wanted to keep trying. So i didnt even bother filling the bc. Long story short 5 long months later of trying, not pg, and no period! Finally got it September, i went back to a new gyno in October i was late no sign of period again told me i was to young to have a child and that i need to start bc again!!! My husband and wanted to keep trying. Anyway i didnt fill it again for the second time and let me add that the doctor i got was rude talked to me like i didnt know what i was talking about and that i was just some lil kid! He didnt even know my history wheni told what i was going threw. Never went back. I know thats not good but let me add that my health ins. stopped shortly after. November came and period showed up!! But again 2weeks long at first very very light for about 7 days whitch i thought ok thats it becuz its only ever 7 days anyway. Nope, it ended i thought! Then very heavy and a lil clotting for another whole week! By then i was draind! It ended nov 27 im pretty sure next month dec i thought it should come after christmas given that it was a crazy last cycle but nope! Did a hpt after not getting it that week..neg:( Now Jan 18 and still nothing ecept for swollen swollen b___sts which i ONLY get for maybe 3 days before my period but its been about 4-5 weeks at least and they have gotten bigger (about one cup size) not so much sore but swollen. Mild cramping lower abd. and lower back here and there, bloated, gaining weight! healthy diet too!, some fatigue,i have been going to the potty a lil more, also some extra discharge than usual. Ive been having alot of dreams that im pg too i know that it couild be its cuz i really want to be but i never had them before. I dont know what is going on but i thought things would have started getting more regular by now? Im not stressed, i havent chnged anything then what i reguley do? I still do plan on seeing a gyno as soon as im put on my husbands insu. but its going to be a while after taxes are all done.(we just got married last month). I know its a lot of info but idk what is going on, and i need some kind of info to save me from going crazy till then! i hope im all ok and maybe im pregnant by some miracle!!:( Fingers crossed!! But please any advise on what it might be? im real worried that even at this age i might not be able to get pregnant? and also if there might be something else wrong? All i know is that I really want to have a baby and everything else is happing but that. Please get back to me id really appreciate it!! Thx.


Jenngirl29 - January 19

So last night cramping started its pretty painful. Its now morning and they still havent let up much, amazing what can happen over night. No other signs of my period tho just cramping, def. fatigue, swollen swollen b___sts, and nausea last night =/ Took another preggo test this morning as well but it was neg ='[ soo disappointing..Dont know whats going on but trying to take it easy. Im thinking it might come this weekend if not im heading to planned parenthood for a second opinion. Please let me know any thoughts anyone it would be very helpful! Thx ill keep updating.


newpaen - January 25

Thanks for posting Becky, I've taken a ton of HPT (4 out of 5 POS!) but all the GP tests were neg. They just did a blood test, and it was neg, but I still have symptoms. If they don't go away, I'm going to look into this pituitary tumor stuff. Thanks again, cuz I didn't even know it existed.


dee17 - January 31

Hello, I need a little help. My last perioed was Nov. 26,'10. and it ended the 30th of November wich means ive missed two periods. My periods are always normal and on-time. I was with my bf the week of my last period and we had s_x everyday for 5 days then when i was with him the end of december, we has unprotected s_x 4 days before my period was suppose to come every night more then once and everynight until the 19th of january. we usually use the pull out method but since i missed my period we figured i was prego and he just ejaculated inside of me. I took 4 home prego test. (2 different ones) all showed negative. i took 2 when i was 3 weeks late of my first period and 2 more a week before my next period. I get period cramps but no period but the cramps feel lower then they usually are, and are on and off, my b___bs have been hurting, ive been having moods swings latley liek one minute ill feel depressed an wanna cry and the next ill be mad, or perfectly fine. ive been very easily irratable ive gained a little weight(but not much) and ive been have craving for chicken fingers everyday for the past 2 months.. also ive noticed me being very tired all the time and sleeping alot more then usual aswell as peeing more freguently. im not able to go to a docter yet, but does it sound very likely that im pregnant?


audra1992 - February 8

i am 18 and not on the pill. I took an ECP on 26th December. My last period was on the 15th of December and I haven't had one since. I have taken three pregnancy tests and are all negative. Also a blood test that said I wasn't pregnant. I'm freaking out and don't know what to do. Is something wrong with me? Could I still possibly be pregnant?Please help me.


Wilson87 - February 15

I know how all of you women feel. I haven't had a period since December 15th and my last negative hpt was 2 weeks ago. After getting my first negative I have tried everything to start my period. From taking parsley tea, increasing my calcium intake, taking iron pills to raise my blood cell count (last time I was late I took iron pills and 3 days later started period). I have irregular periods, but 2 MONTHS LATE? I even started birth control pills from the clinic and have finished them and still no period. I have all of the same symptoms that you all have, especially the lower backache and cramps everyday. I don't work so I'm not stressed at all, and I for sure thought I was preggo when I took my first test, but after the negative, all i want is my period to start. So this is what I'm going to do. I'm going to Santa Barbara with my BF this weekend, if I don't start my period by this weekend, then I'm going to pay the $43 dollars at the lab to get a blood pregnancy test done. If that's not POS, then oh well... my period will come when it wants to I guess. I will definitely let all you know when I take the blood test and what my results are. Either way, I will be happy to know the truth! :)


Kirstyl25 - February 17

I'm going through the same thing. I'm 32 days late, had a bit of spotting which I thought was the beginning of my period but lasted only a few hours and very light. I have done 6 pregnancy tests all negative, went to my doctor who basically laughed at me as if I was a weirdo I demanded a blood test which also came back negative. My b___sts have grown up to 2 sizes and are very tender and sore. I remember when I fell pregnant with my first child I had the same problem, it wasn't till 3 months gone till i found out even though the doctors were insisting i wasn't then. Sooo confused! Still don't know what's going on.. Us woman do go through it.. :) 


bnicole - March 2

kari: i am about 1 or 2 days late now but i had mild cramping as well. but i feel like theres no possible way for me to be pregnant because my fiance would always pull out ahead of time. do you think its still possible i could be pregnant???


marii - March 7

hello well i haven't started my period and its been a month( and i never miss a period) i took about 3 HPT all came back negative and today i went to planned parenthood and took a urine test and it still came back neg. i been having cramps like if i was on my period but no period just cramps and my b___st are a lil sore and i feel really tired.. i do have to urine alot and have headaches that come and go.... i would like to know if im pregnant or not so if i am i can so i can start taking the pills i need i feel different but i dont know if i am all test come back negative...


sharon88 - March 10

hi all i am looking for some advise i'm currently on cycle day 48(never late as i am on the pill) i have taken so many hpt that i have lost count they have all come back neg but when i was only 4 days late i did see my doctor and she did a blood test i rang next day for results a different doctor reply to me was it dont look like your pregnant as the hcg level is only at 1 am i right in thinking that if i am definately not pregnant that it should be 0 i have since then been having symtoms cramping in my lower belly i feel sick after i eat and i am getting really bad indigestion my mother also decided to comment that my b___sts look fuller lol my questions here are am i right to think it possible i am pregnant with a hcg level at 1 or are all these symtoms in my head Many thanks if you can help


Sa__sa - March 28

Hi all, I have symptoms similar to many other posters and the closest doctor's appt I could get was 2 weeks from now (just moved here, so new patient). Do I call back and ask for emergency appointment? I am going CRAZY smth really serious might be going on. I was on the pill for years; stopped it 4 months ago. Everything was normal (periods etc) till this month. I did have unprotected intercourse mid month (not sure if it was during ovulation). I've got pregnancy symptoms, all of them, BUT hpt came out negative. Truth is I might not have done it correctly, as I didn't pee on it having it face down, but really, does that matter that much? Got really disappointed. Then I saw spotting, and thought OK I'm getting my period late, but no period 2 days later. Today I am having cramps, not severe, but not mild either. Just so freaking out and have no one to talk to about this (other than my bf who is out of state) Thx



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