Cvs Brand Test Faint Pos Evap Mini Pill

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mommylovesyou - January 17

i just finished my last pack of the mini pill a few days ago, cycles all screwed up from it, was bleeding every other week, just finishing bleeding, was supposed to start yasmin tonight, wanted to test before to feel ok about starting it, i used cvs brand (not the + -, just the | kind) & i swore i saw a faint line, so light i thought it was a shadow, during the time limit, then within minutes of the time limit deadline, a faint line showed up, its blue not grey .. is it possible this is a faint pos or evap?? please someone help!!


nino3 - January 20

same thing happened to me. I took a CVS test and it actually gave me a very skinny super faint line. After about 7 minutes the line was even darker but still skinny. I got all happy and went to test with a frer to be sure and the dang thing was negative. I waited to take another one but got af instead. I dont trust blue dye tests at all. Try a pink test and see what happens. The dollar tree tests are very acurate if you read them within the time limit.


mommylovesyou - January 20

ive never had a problem with blue dye or pink dye tests .. never even had an evap line & ive used cvs brand among others, numerous times .. the only time ive had an evap line was after WEEKS of it sitting there .. the clearblue early + - test is now showing a slight evap line the day after i took it .. im so confused!


mommylovesyou - January 20

& ive heard that an evap is just a shadow of a line or a colorless (grey) line .. this is definitely blue


GreenEyes88 - January 21

I had the same exact problem. Mine was blue dye and the postive line of the + was very faint. I took a digital test and the results were negative. I still havent missed my period but I have had spotting, morning sickness, fatigue, and cramping. Im sooo confused!


mommylovesyou - January 21

ive tested with more cvs tests (the || kind) & they all come back with faint positive (def not evap they come up within the time frame & are def blue) & then i bought a few other blue dye tests (not cvs & they're the +- test) & they are clearly negative. ive read about how cvs tests are always giving false positives. they are ridiculous.



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