Dep Shot Pregnant

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Robyn - August 13

hi i really need some fast answers because im really starting to get worried.. i had s_x right about the time that my dep shot was suppost to be done.. when i woke up the day after i had s_x i fainted twice ( im not sure if this could have anything to do with it ).. anyway about a week after i had s_x i started spotting dark blood. and i havnt had a period since it has been about a month.. and ive been having weird dreams that im pregnant!.. i dont know if it is even possible to become pregnant this soon after the shot?.. please help!.. what do i do?


robyn - August 12

PLEASE HELP ME!! im begging you all im 16 and i need advise.. i cant sleep!!


jules - August 13

first, you are too young to be having s_x since you are so worried. wait until your emotions grow up a little before doing it again. second, dreams are emotional, not physical, so you could be worrying them into your sleep. a baby will not put dreams into you. the shot affects everyoen differently. some people dont conceive for years, some while they are still on it. wait till you miss a period. about another two weeks, then see a doctor. i wouldnt trust home tests. good luck adn remember to relax


betty - December 27

I had the shop but I wondering if I can be pregnet


Angel - January 15

i've been on the depo for 3 years.. could that cause me not to get firtile and not have kids??


ekay - January 15

First of all, the shot will SCREW up your body...for me at least. I had like 60 day periods. I have heard from several women that had screwy cycles and several emotional side effects as well. I highly doubt you are pg.


Betsy - March 1

im on the shot and i what to know if i got off it how long can i get pregnant


ana - April 7

mabey the shot is not for you you should go see your doctor and ask questions dont sit around and not ask questio it may not be normal


mayra - May 23

i have a 1 month that i stooped the depo preva can i get pregnant right oway i had period during the shot


Jenn - May 23

Just a note about depo: Was on it ten years ago for 2 shots and gained 60 lbs and my periods stopped, I got off of it and los the weight but have never had regular periods and have been infertil for the past four years...I wouldn't recommend it to anyone several friends have the same problems and one had menopause at age 19...Be careful



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