Depo Provera And Pregnancy

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Curious - September 11

After Stopping the needle I still haven't started my period. It's now been 2 months. Has anyone gotten pregnant after depo? Could 2 negative pregnancy test be accurate?


Tree - July 13

Hello, I was on Depo Provera shots & when I stopped getting the shots , it took me a few months before I started my period again. Then when I finaly got it, I had it for 7 months straight.Doctor said that the depo caused my body to stop ovulating & then when I stopped the shots, my body wasn't ovulating correctly so my Doctor had to put me on medication to stop it! ha, stopped it alright, cause then I turned up PREGNANT! Good luck & I hope this helps answer your question. God bless!


chrisann - July 14

can i get pregant during my depo shot


Kim - July 15

My period took awhile to come back and when it did, it was not regular. We tried to conceive as soon as I stopped the depo. After about a year and a half, we discovered we were pregnant, finally!! And guess what...twins!!! We didn't use any fertility drugs or anything and no twins on either side. Good luck to you!!


Tree - July 17

Kim, WOW TWINS! Really? The reason I am asking is cause even though I did't mention it in my above post,When I finaly got regulated after getting off Depo Provera ....I also concieved twins. I wonder if that is something happening to alot of woman coming off Depo? Unfortunatly, I miscarried one of my twins in the third month, but I did continue to carry the other & gave birth to a healthy baby boy who is now 8 years old. Chrisann - As far as getting pregnant while you are on the Depo Shot....just like other forms of birth control,YES, you can cause it is not 100% effective. Hope this helps.


JENIFER - July 24



michala - July 29

it took me 6 months to have a period,still not pregnant yet.


Robyn - August 12

i had s_x right about the time that my dep-shot was supposta be up at.. about a week after i had s_x i had dark spotting.. and now ive been having weird dreams about being pregnant!?.. is it even possible!?


Ladybugk - August 17

I had my last shot April 13th, but still no period. I am having pregnancy symptoms...morning sickness and sore b___sts, but I just took my second ept test this morning and it is still negative. Anyone else have false pregnancy symptoms, and if so, how long did it take you to get back to normal and conceive? Hey....twins run in my family, but skip a generation usually(I'm the off generation).....wonder if this will increase my chances??


Lisa - August 18

I was on Depo for 5 years, before we decided to have another one, It took me a 1.5 years to get out of my system. My dreaded time of the month never did come back, not that I missed it. But I had sore b___st all the TIME. Preg. test were always neg., it wasn't until I was really sick nonstop that I knew something was up, took the test NEG., went to the doc. a week later. POS. go figure. Had a beautiful little girl 2001. On depo again, and thinking about getting off again.


Alexandra - August 19

well I have similar concerns, after suffering months with just spotting and irregularly timed beelds I finally had what I thought could be a proper period 8 months after coming off it only to find that a week after that stopped I began to bleed again. It ought to be mentionned when you go to get the jab. I too am unsure now whether I could or could not be pregnant and also whether to trust the preg. test results.


wierd blood - August 19

my last shot was in august of 2003, im really worried because i havent gotten a period at all. but at one point i had a very dark discharge coming out of me that lasted about 3 weeks. it was thick and gooey. i have no cramps, but extreme bloating, but no symptoms of pregnancy. also the discharge hasnt come back. im very curious if i could be pregnant, i dont have insurance right now so i cant go to the doctor, does anyone have any ideas of what may be wrong?? please help


valerie - August 30

how long does it take to get pregnant after you take the shot?


Sandra - August 31

I got the Depo shot for the first time in Jan. 04 and stopped having a period Feb. 04. I never went back to get another shot and to this day have not gotten a period again. My husband and I want to try for another baby but because I haven't had a period in 8 months I don't know what my chances are. I have been getting pregnancy like symptoms for about a month now (sore b___sts, fullness, food adversions and cravings, feeling very sleepy especially after work) but each pregnancy test I take comes up negative. It's getting very frustrating. Anyone who has been through this, or has advice please let me know!


beth - September 2

I have no answer to this question, because i dont know to much about depo. but i recently took the shot, and i had unprotected s_x a few days after. Is it still possible that i could get pregnant? HELP


maria - September 2

I was on depo over two years ago, got the shot twice and that was it, it took two years for my periods to come back, i bleed for 16 days then nothing for two months, i am s_xually active but my boyfried always pulls out before he c_ms. about seven weeks ago i started staining a little, then bleed a little then stain, then bleed, this went on for almost five weeks, i have heartburn, light headedness, tiredness, mood swings, running to the toilet and even some cravings but dont think its possible for me to be pregnant due to the bleeding. did a test it was neg then a few hours later there was a thin blue line in the result window but still think its neg.......or is it.


debbie - September 3

i got that horrible injection 2 years ago in sep then dec.i got pregnant in the august as i didnt go back for more of there poison,i put on 3 stone between 10th of december and jan 20th january after taking my second injection and didnt get a period from the moment i went on it until present,i was 7st12lb now im 12 stone and i dont eat anymore than i did and i go gym 4 times a week now and cant loose it ,but the worst part is that i look about 8 months pregnant,my stomach is huge and i feel pregnant all the time but im not,my baby girl is 4 months now and i still havnt got my periods... hope that helps...... good luck



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