Depo Provera And Pregnancy

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crystal - July 15

more than likely the pregnancy tests are accurate. I was on the depo for six years, got off. It took 8 months before I had a period and now I have one every other week for 7days. I have been trying to get pregnet now for 15 months. Good luck for you and me.


rachael - July 18

this drug is an awful 1 it messes your body up really bad mine doesnt know wether its comming or going my af is supposed to be due 27th july but it will probably turn up someother time wen im not expecting it, you must all warn people never to go on this drug it is horrible


if28 - July 20

I was on depo and aside from the usual spotting, I had my cycle ervy months, and now we think that I got preg while on it and I'm measuring big for date.


Joanne - July 25

Hi i have been off depo for a year now then went on the normal pill for less then a month to start my pierods which they did as me and my bf wanted a baby we have been trying for 7 1/2 months now and i have had periods nearly everyday could some one tell me how long it will take for me to have a baby thanks xxx


Camillia - August 1

Can I get pregnant while on the Depo shot. And what happens if I was pregnant before I got the shot but did not know?


airaka - August 1

alright yall good news when i stopped my shot and didnt think i could get pregnant 7 months later i got pregnant im now 5 months and going the 23rd to find out what the baby is.. so keep ur head up u will get pregnant.. no matter about the shot..


lisa - August 10

I only took one shot of the depovera.I have been off for a month,when can I get pregnant.


doreen - August 15

I want to know the sign of a pregnant woman


curious2know - August 16

i have been on the depo for almost 3 yrs, im having odd cramping and not feeling myself, wondering how possible it is for me to b pregnant plz let me know if anyone has been pregnant while still on the depo.. thx


a - August 19

it may take awhile talk to your doctor


Michelle - August 23

The best way I believe to get pregnate after depo, being on it for 2 and half years, is to get on a different type of birth control method, such as nuvaring, I think its the best because I wasnt getting my period at all but nuvaring helps you get your period but still stops the egg from being produced, but the great thing with the ring is that once you take it out its out your body within 24 hours and then your periods should start becoming more regular and producing eggs again well thats how I got pregnate anyways


caw - August 24

I stopped taking the depo in March 2005 and have still not had my period come back. I have to 2 test because I have experienced nausea and b___st tenderness to where I don't want them touched and they both were negative.


r - August 25

i was on the depo for 6 months came off in june 04 got my periods back jan 05 and started ovulating 2 months after now im 2 months late with pg symptoms and neg results


kirsty - August 25

i got told off my dr not to be on depo too long, but what is too long?? does anyone know what is the recommended time to be on it??


ssb - August 31

I was told by Dr., to let my body take a break from depo after 2 yrs., since it could cause bone density loss. I have been off shot since Dec '04, just started spotting a week ago, and have all pregnancy symptoms. Cramps, Fatigue, Hungry, Montgomery's Tubercles, Veins in Breasts, Vomiting, Headaches... But 3 negative hpts, and 2 neg. blood tests!! Has anyone had similar symptoms, and did it turn out you were pregnant, or were your hormones just out of whack? Please help!!


Amy - August 31

Have just had my 1st jab bout 3 weeks ago i am now due for my period and no signs yet. is it possible for periods to stop form the 1st month?



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