Depo Provera And Pregnancy

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Amy - August 31

Have just had my 1st jab bout 3 weeks ago i am now due for my period and no signs yet. is it possible for periods to stop form the 1st month?


chelley - September 2

I was on the depo for ten months I had my last shot in Feb of 05. The entire time I was on it I had no complaints my periods were regular and I felt good. It wasn't until I got off that everything fell apart for me and I felt like I eas going through hell. my periods stopped completly and it frustrated me because I wanted a baby. I got terrible where I Had a very hard time getting out of bed I had never had pain like this I almost felt like I was in labor like every other day. Well I started getting pregnancy symptoms on top of that....I took two hpt's and both were neg I took one blood test it came back neg. so I went on feeling pregnant. But the cramps stopped.....I kept feeling pregnant even got constipated.....I went for another blood test it came back positive......they didn't know how far I was since I hadn't had a period in six months so they waited about two weeks to do and ultra sound to measure things out....well ladies I'm 7weeks or about that far but thats not all I'm 7 weeks pregnant with would think I should have shown up on the test especially with twins I asked my dr. and he said that with twins women usually feel pregnancy a lot sooner and stronger than than other women but it wont show pos. until implantation as occured which is about 6-7 days after conception. I felt pregnant the second I concieved it can happen for you guys who are still will happen I beleive it.


stef - September 2

chelly - what were your pregnancy symptoms? Also, do twins run in your family, or do you think that was because of the hormones from depo? I am still experiencing my pregnancy symptoms, including constipation and blue veins on b___sts and stomach and have had neg. test results. I'm going to test again!! Will keep y'all posted.


chelley - September 2

Stef, well yes twins do run in my family....i was just having the normal symptoms nausea, fatigue, backache's tender b___st and I guess I just knew in my heart that I was the weird thing was that with my first pregnancy I was a whole lot sicker I'm sick but not as my first pregnancy I lost 9 lbs in the first three months because I was so sick I'm not that sick. I knew that I was pregnant because I got constipated with my first pregnancy and it was the first time that it ever happened to me and then two years later I get constipated again with all the preg symptoms.....two days ago I thought I felt a little flutter but I'm not sure if it was me or not I don't know.....but keep me posted and good luck!!!


yazmin - September 3

if i was suppose to get my period like 5 days ago and i havent then am i pregnant?


chelley - September 3

twins run in my family but there haven't been twins in a very long my grandma's cousins are maybe it was genetic's or it could have been hormonal I don't know I just remember that when I would get those terrible cramps it was around a certain time of the month and back then my doctor said that it could be painful ovulation.....before it never hurt maybe My body was working overtime to release eggs I don't know thats the only thing I can think of I've never really asked I was just thinking about it.........well good luck ladies it will happen I know its easier said but I do know what you're going through it will happen.


Taquela - September 7

I'M on ther Depo and i'm trying to get preagnant.I have be on depo for 2-3 years but i'm on the depo.


Becky - September 7

I had my first shot in Feb 05 the second in May and haven't gone for my third. I have had my "period" for the last 2-3 months straight. I thought that I was pregnant because I had b___st soreness, stomache aches, nausea. I took 2 hpt both neg. I went to the DR yesterday and she also said I wasn't pregnant (only used a urine sample to tell). I want to become pregnant but she said it "could" take up to 6-9 mo. Anyone have advice?


Betty - September 8

I didnt realise this stuff was so strong! I only had one shot in Oct 04, but I had the weight gain, painful s_x, cramps and periods took till Feb to return... I havent used any contraception since but still no baby joy... This site has scared me now!


Liz - September 8

This might be of help to some of you... from a website about DP shots... "You might try cleansing techniques to detox or eliminate the synthetic hormone from where it is stored in your body's tissues: drink lots of water every day, eat lots of fresh raw organic vegetables, drink raw vegetable juice, sweat in a steam room or sauna, get lots of exercise and fresh air. You can also ask at a health food store about herbal formulas or teas that help detoxify your body or that balance female hormones, or talk with a naturopathic physician or herbalist."


Taquela - September 9

Look i not been on the depo for about 2-3 years.And i am stell trying to get preagnant and i have not git preagnant.Sweet just keep on trying.


Robin - September 9

Hello, I've took the time to read a lot of everyone's concerns about getting pregnant after Depo. Let me start off by saying, different strokes for different folks. I got by first depo shot in Dec 2000 and my last one in November of 2003. I didn't have any problems with gaining too much weight. Sometime during the last year of being on Depo my hair started falling out, I was so p__sed and I knew at some point that I would have to make that decision to get off and I did!! Anyway, during my 3 years on depo I have gotten my periods. Once in a while I skipped. I started trying to have a baby, ( my periods were mostly normal) but every month I gotten my period however about nine months after the shot wore off, I GOT PREGNANT!! I didn't have twins but I have a healthy beautiful 7 weeks girl. Every woman's body is different. You can get pregnant if you don't use a condom during the first month of using depo. I know where a lot of you'all are coming from but don't stress over not getting pregnant, it'll happen when you least expect it. You can get a physical to make sure everything is all right. Depo is reversible, and it does cause your body to not ovulate. Take care of yourself. For those of you who have regular periods, you can go to yahoo search engine and type in Conception Store and you will see a website, that may help you to pinpoint when you ovulate during the month. (IT WORKED FOR ME). Knowing when you ovulate will help you to conceive (pinpoint for at least 3 months to give you some idea). I hope I was of help. Good luck. P.S. I will never go back on Depo.


Taquela - September 9

Will someone help.OK look i have been on the depo for 2-3 years and i'm stell on it.And i'm trying to get preagnant.How can i get pregnant on the depo.OR CAN I STELL GET PREAGNANY ON IT.Someone please HELP ME.


Robin - September 10

Taquela, honey if you are trying to get pregnant you have to discontinue using depo. Since you have been on depo for 2-3 years it will probably take some time, especially if you do not have a period, it'll probably take longer. I know whether this statement is true: it is better to wait until 6 months after using depo to get pregnant. Tequela, I was on depo for 3 years and 9 months after my shot wore off, I got pregnant and I have a 7 week old healthy baby girl. That doesn't mean it will take you that long to get pregnant, different strokes for different folks.


M - September 16

Hello All, I have been on Depo Provera since last 3 years, and I can say that this is the safest method, atleast safer than a Condom. The failure of condom, made us to took this step. After taking this, my periods were completely stopped, well very slight. There was a very slight wght. gain, which can be avioded if you exercise and be fit. But, for me, it was very convenient and safe. I have read on the net that it is 99.9% successful, so if someone thinks that they can get pregnant, is sheer a bad luck. I am planning to get pregnant now, so I have taken it off. Lets hope it stays best for me!!!


Robin - September 17

M, yes indeed Depo is safer than a condom, you can get pregnant during the first month of using depo ... the use of a condom is vital, and if you get your shots on time, you wouldn't have to worry about getting pregnant. As far as side effects go .... different strokes, for different folks. Me, for an example, I was on depo for 3 years ... but I didn't stop having my periods. Weight gain, wasn't a concern for me, but losing my hair was .. but anyway ... I got off depo ... and now I have a healthy baby girl .. so if you are trying to become pregnant, good luck and remember it will take some time before you will become pregnant... Again, good luck



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