Depo Provera And Pregnancy

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Robin - September 17

M, yes indeed Depo is safer than a condom, you can get pregnant during the first month of using depo ... the use of a condom is vital, and if you get your shots on time, you wouldn't have to worry about getting pregnant. As far as side effects go .... different strokes, for different folks. Me, for an example, I was on depo for 3 years ... but I didn't stop having my periods. Weight gain, wasn't a concern for me, but losing my hair was .. but anyway ... I got off depo ... and now I have a healthy baby girl .. so if you are trying to become pregnant, good luck and remember it will take some time before you will become pregnant... Again, good luck


Laura - September 26

Depo takes 6 to 8 months for an average woman to fully be off of it. You might still have enough of it in your system for your body not to cycle properly.


amanda - September 28

how would you know if you were pregnant while on the pill? is there signs?


Robin - September 30

you will have symptoms of being pregnant once you start taking birth control pills but with time the side effects should diminish, if not go to the doctor and get a pregnant side and/or blood test


Robin - September 30

error: pregnant side correction: pregnancy test


MADELINE - September 30



Robin - October 1

That's wonderful ... if you are trying to become pregnant ... there's hope for you


sarah - October 7

is it ok to take the pill after depo, need to regulate my periods, still havin got them but want to take the pill to help is it safe


Robin - October 7

yes, it is safe. Doctors use birth control pills to regulate periods. Go to the doctor and get a physical and be sure to ask questions . and decide which birth control pills are for you .. good luck


Anna - October 7

I was on Depo for 6 years. I was off of it for 1 year and now I am pregnant.


Robin - October 7

Congratulations!! I got pregnant almost a year ... not quite a year and now I have a beautiful baby girl!!


jessica neely - October 17



Anna - October 18

After I stopped using depo it took be a few months before I started my period again. I even thought that I was pregnant but I was not. I have been off the shot now for one year and just got pregnant.


Shonda - October 19

yes 2 negative pregnacy test could be accurate if you feel like you are go to the doctor and get a blood test done...I have be off depo for 8 months now and still have not get pregnant it took me 4 months to get my period doctor just then put me on clomid i don't know how well it will work here is my email address email me and i'll let you know here in a few weeks ( and also Clomid make you start ovulate.


Eileen - October 20

I benn on the shot since i was 17, now I am 24 and my last shot was do on the 28th of april 2005 and i did not get it. But in aug 2005 i got my period and had four times in the last two months. and me and my boyfriend are trying to get pregnant. And its been a week in half since i bleed and now my nipples hurt really bad and i get nause


JeShonda - October 20

My friend had been on the shot since she was 15 and now she is 19 she missed her shot and the next month she came on her period now she is pregnant but i was on the shot since january and now i want to ahve a baby so im off of it but i dont want my stories to be like the ones ive been reading i want my period to start next month do you think it will



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