Depo Provera And Pregnancy

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Victoria - September 23

I'm the birthcontrol shot and i was thinking about getting off the sht and have a baby


Deanna - September 24

I had my first depo shot in December on 2003 and second and last shot in March of this year (2004). I had awful side effects. Constant bleeding, cramping, feeling sick, hair loss, weight gain, it hurt when I had s_x.. (Doctor told me it WAS From the depo.. I guess it "broke through" or something and was causing inflamation in my ovaries thats why it hurt). But beside those, I also stopped to TTC. Have been trying for 6 months and nothing. I thought maybe I was a couple times, had some symptoms.. but sure enough it was neg. My periods too, are all messed up. I dont have a normal cycle.. sometimes it's 63 days, sometimes 23, sometimes inbetween. I never know when I'm gonna get my period.. I did have it for over a month and I think this month it may be the same way. If I go on Birth control Pills for a month will it regulate my period for good or only while I'm taking the pills? I dont even want to do that..I dread having to wait another few months and going back on the pill but I dont know what else to do. Had I known all this would happen I would have never got the shot. I got preg with my first son immidiately and he is 2 1/2 now. So it's really frusterating having to try so hard. Any adivce?


Dez - September 26

Deanna, it is really hard to tell when you can get pregnant, and the doctors just tell you as soon as your periods are regular you should be able too. But then again after my periods became regular it still took me a couple of years. I shared the same att_tude as you with them putting me on the pill, I wanted nothing to do with birth control after all i experienced with the depo. All i can say is just be patient and hang in there, because i stressed my self out so much trying. I am soon gonna be having my baby, so there is hope, and it can be frusterating not being able to be in control, just give it time. good luck


stump - September 27

i have been on the shot for 2 years and just recently got off of it and have been off of it for a month? i want to get pregnant is it possible or should i take fertility drugs. i still haven't started my period yet either? please help???


Ashley - September 27

Chances are, you wont get pregnant right away after the shot. From what I have been told, and have experienced myself, you dont even get regular for quite a few months, and I think the ave. is like 10 months! I would take that time to start eating healthy, taking a pre-natal, and just let nature take its course. The more you worry, I think it makes things harder for you. They say fertility drugs wont help, until you are back and normal. I would concentrate on making yourself HEALTHY after having all the hormones and such in your body. Eat right, drink right, take a multi-vit. and exercise. That should at least give you something to work towards, and then you have peace of mind when you do get preg. that you are healthy and have a healthier environment for your baby to grow. Look what the depo did to your system do you really want to risk health problems for your baby anyways? good luck


shay - September 27

I was on the shot for 2yrs. I am now 21. I would like to have kids within the next 2 to 3 years is this possible? I have had only one period and i got my last shot in DEC.2003


Deanna - September 28

Yes, I understand what you are saying. I have been prepping my body in hopes that I may conceive soon. But it is hard when you think about it and you get all excited and then have to be let down. In no way would I like to be put on anymore hormones.. especially synthetic hormones. I just wish there was some way I could stop my period from being around nearly all month. I've only been getting about a week inbetween now. It's really putting a strain on everything *especially* when you're TTC. I appriciate you're advice, and it is very comforting (although very sad) to know others are going through, and have gone through the same thing.. One last quick question.. I was told by a nurse at the hospital I go to that as long as I am getting a period reguardless of how long or short it is, that I am ovulating and the reason for me not getting pregnant is just bad timing on me and my partners half. This doesn't seem to add up, I've heard alot of people say that even when they got their periods back they didn't ovulate for quite sometime. I'd just like to know if I'm ovulating.


Ashley - September 28

As far as ovulating goes, I wouldn't take the word of that nurse. I would do those three things you can do to detremine. Basal body temp, mucous secretions and uterus position, and study them each month and try and determine if you are or not. Or go to the dollar store and buy those ovulation predictor kits. I wasn't trying to be mean on my last post, its just I think worrying and stressing and getting upset each month that you are not pregnant adds to not getting pregnant. They say some change is some times the key, such as loosing weight, or gaining weight (depending on) different eating habbits, stuff like that. I find it hard to believe that are ovulating when you "bleed" constantly. I know what you mean. I just quit the depo again. I took my last shot around May 5, was due for it on August 1. I spot a lot. Its not heavy bleeding, but annoying spotting. Good luck to all. I am not in hopes to get pregnant right NOW, but soon. My fiance and I are getting married in Jan. and I would like to beable to get pregnant when we decide thats why I went off the depo as early as I did. I hope that in a years time, I will be back to normal and we can start trying. I had went off the depo once before and even after a year, I am not sure that it was "normal" yet. I had one i guess period that was about 7 days long, and it was so heavy and I got cramps, that was it I caved and went back on the shot. That and after quitting the shot and going back on the pill I gained so much weight. On depo I had the ideal experience. No side effects what so ever. Good luck with every body!


E - September 28

The drug company leaflet says women with lower body weight conceive quicker after coming off the injections than heavier women.


tiffany - October 1

I had two shots now im trying to conceive it has been 1 month now i just had a baby in jan. is it possible that i can get pregnant before 18 months


Deanna - October 3

Other than fertility drugs... is there anything my doctor may be able to put me on just to regulate my periods some? At least then I might have SOME chance of knowing when I am or am not ovulating. And bleeding 20 - 23 days out of the month is really annoying and does put a stain on my relationship somewhat. Any ideas?


Lafaye - November 2

Well, I guess it just depends on your body. I got married and got off of the Depo and I was pregnant in 2 months... So, Adien is now 13 months old and I went back on the shot in June and went back for my next shot and they told me that they couldn't give it to me because I was 7 weeks pregnant...NICE...So, I'm due in May. THEY still can't tell me what happened, besides it just didn't take. I was on Depo and still nursing Adien my mid-wife said it should have been twice as hard, but I guess it was just meant to be...


Amanda - November 3

I haven't been on the depo shot back to back, the first time I got the Depo shot was in October of 2002. It took me until the end of December of 2003 to get pregnant, and then I went in because I was bleeding and there was nothing in the amneotic fluid. I lost it when it was conceived because the egg wasn't strong enough. So, I had to go under an emergency D&C and they gave me the Depo shot again. In March of 2004. It is now November, does anyone know if it will take that long again? Or will my body get over it faster? Please help me, my husband is in the Army and I want to have a part of him before he leaves to go to Iraq. Thanks!


Ashley - November 3

This depo stuff is confusing. The first time I was on depo I was on it for over 2 years, and then went off and it took about a year to get a normal period. I went back on it. I was due for my last shot in August and never got it. Its october and I just got my SECOND period! SO it came back fast. I however am not trying to get pregnant, so I don't know if I am ovulating or not. Can you get a period normally and not ovulate? I would like kids soon, just not quite yet. I also heard that the chances of having twins is 1 in 90 off the depo!


vicky - November 5

hi it as taken a year for my periods to come back and i have just found out i am pregnant i was on the depo for four year good luck


trina - November 5

i was no depo and i am still trying to get pregnant after a year is this normal my periods came back about two months ago



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