Did I Test Too Soon

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**baby dust** to all - May 24

I dont know what is going on.. My last normal af was April 14 then week of 25-30 had cm ( ovulated) then on may 2 I start a light semi flow.. very spotty , lasted 4 days.. I was supposed to start on 5/13 ( as my cycle is 30 days , has been for yrs) well I didnt start on the 13th.. so I took a test on the 15th.. which was neg.. a few days after that.. I started getting all these blue veins running thru my chest, down my bbs, sides of tummy, even in my legs ( no not vericose veins.. I know what those look like) nipple are slightly tender.. get cramps on sides of stomach ( as if I had ran for miles) if I cough, I feel a strange pulling sensation in my lower abdomen, i get slightly nausiated , not enough to make me run to the bathroom, I do have to go potty more, my bowel movements have been weird., I am tired all the time. Am very moody as well as emotional, I wake up with a stuffy nose,, if I am not blwing from stuffy nose, I am sneezing,. I burp all the time, even on water , I aslo have gas. Anyway.. did I do the test too soon? was that early af on the 2nd the one I should count? Should I wait to see if af comes on the 2nd of june?someone please help me.. I dont know what to do :`(


Amy - May 24

You might have tested too soon hon. I would try taking another test. Get a sensitive one (detects hcg at 25.) Sometimes it just takes a while for some women to get a BFP. I wish you the best of luck.


**baby dust to all* - May 24

when I took the test on 5/15 it was one of those dollar tree tests.. the amt it detects is supposed to be 25ml. I did have another ? tho.. would hormone changes cause this too.. like the veins, tiredness, soreness on sides, and all the other signs?


Amy - May 24

From my experience those tests are really good. I tested with that kind the day before AF was due and the day AF was due and both were BFP. All women are different though. Some women are 8-10 weeks before they got a positive result on a hpt. About the "symptoms", yes hormonal changes can cause them. Unfortunetely that's why alot of women think that they are pregnant when really they aren't. I would test again around the 2nd if I were you. If you still get a negative after that and you don'r get AF, I'd make an appointment with your doctor. Good luck.



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