Didn T Use A Condom And She S Not Pregnant

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Scott - August 16

Me and my wife (both 18) have decided to have a child so on the 9th, 10th, 11th we had s_x and I didnĀ“t use a condom and ejaculated inside her. Of course we both thought she has to be pregnant 100% and I bought her a home pregnancy test yesterday on the 12th and the result was a blue strip (negative) AND a red faded mark which we thought was positive. Now on the 13th her period came!! I was disappointed and to make sure I bought her another home pregnancy test and the result was negative but I am so confused, can anyone help?


beth - August 13

you tested too early if it was the 9, 10, and 11 of august and if she got her period then she isn't pregnant. you need to have s_x on her most fertile days which is when she ovualtes in the middle of the month so try then and see what happens!


LMFAO - August 13

For goodness sake Scott... do you or your wife have any idea about pregnancy?... I don't think you should be trying for a baby when you don't even understand how to do it... You CANNOT possibly find out that you are pregnant after only a matter of days... You wasted money on a pregnancy test!... You have to wait at least 19 days after s_x before a test will work... You had s_x with your wife at a VERY low fertile time anyway, so it's not surprising that she is not pregnant... S_x doesn't automatically mean pregnancy you know... Even if you are both healthly fertile it can take weeks, months or years to concieve... You need to have s_x at your wifes most fertile time to have the best chance of concieving... STOP wasting money on pregnancy tests... Wait for the allocated time (or if her peirod doesn't arrive) and THEN test...


Scott - August 16

Continuation of my situation: Thank you for your replies I understand better but her period only lasted 4 days, could this be a symptom?


Lo - August 16

No Scott, it's not a symptom of pregnancy. Periods are quite the opposite, they are the symptoms of NON pregnancy. Keep trying, it may take a few months but you'll get there.



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