Do You Think I Am Pregnant

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Kitty-cat - November 7

I am very regular with my periods, which usually last 5 to 6 days heavy. However, last month Oct,2005, my period lasted two days light. I started feeling unusually tired and sleepy. My br___t felt like there were going to explode, plus they're swollen, and my back was killing me. I felt pregnant. Then on Oct 26, and 27. I started bleeding not really feeling up a regular pad, but I am still experiencing the same symptoms. My taste buds are off, plus I am very sensitive to some smells. Plus, I've taken Four pregnancy test, two home and two at the local clinics, but no blood tests. I have no insurance so I am waiting to have a pap in December at the local clinic. I've have 2 daughters so I know my body when I am pregnant. I am constantly feeling hungry and have been gaining weight. My lower abdomen has started to pertrude. I would love to find out sooner than 6weeks. What should I do? On of the nurses at the local clinic thinks it's all in my head. What do you ladies suggest? Any advise is appreciated


Tia - November 8

Buy a digital hpt. The day before your test don't drown yourself in water, drink just a normal amount. You want to make sure your first morning urine is a nice darker color, not diluted. Pee in a cup and do the test that way (that's also the easiest way to see if your urine is concentrated enough) Make sure the urine has been in your body for 3-4 hours before testing. I recommend getting two different brands. Do the tests and see what you get, and if you get one positve and one negative don't freak out: different brands test for different hCG levels, the negative one clearly tests higher than the other. Let us know what the tests say!


crystal - November 8

i know how you feel. the last time i had a period was 08/05. two months and nothing. i did notice that when i wiped i saw a little color and thought i was strting but it never went beyond that. i have taken 5 preg tests and all neg. i don't want to go to the docs and get another neg and feel like an idiot, but it is all i can think about! i want it so bad i am afraid that the symptoms are in my head. i plan on waiting a couple of more weeks that way it will have been almost 3 months. last period was very light, and lasted just a few days( both unusual for me). i'm just glad i'm not alone in this. i feel like all my friends think i'm nuts. but i can't help feeling like i am husbands brother and his fiance' are having a baby and she took 10 tests and all neg. went to doc and had to have 2 blood tests to prove she was preg. do you think that has anything to do with anything? i am grasping at straws here but i want this soooo bad. any advice?



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