Doctors Urine Pregnancy Test

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Tricia - November 24

I've had 4 faint positive HPT's over a one week period. I as on birth control but I had a brown, spotting and light period which lasted 2 days. So I tested & got the positives. So I stopped birth control straight away. I then had a withdrawal bleed exactly 7days later. Well I thought it was a withdrawal bleed. It was spotting and light like before, and brown. Then it went a reddish pinkish colour as well as brown and I lost quite a few black and dark reddish blood clots. I didn't have any cramps which was strange for me. The clots and spotting lasted for nearly 3 days. I then did a HPT the day after & it was negative. I did a urine pregnancy test at the doctors & it was negative. Now Im worried. Could this of been a miscarriage? Would that explain the negative HPT & doctors urine test? Can the doctors test be wrong? I'm so confused & worried. I haven't told my doctors about the positives. I figured the urine test would come back positive. Now Im not so sure. What do you think & what should I do? I did do another HPT & it looked negative but I held it up to the light (last night) & when the light shined on the test strip I could see a second line. Similar to an indentation. I dont think it had any colour but Im not sure. All I noticed was the second line which showed when the light shined on the test strip. My mum saw the line to. Could this be a positive?


??? - November 27

Guess noone wants to help


Jennifer - November 27

I would tell your doctor about the positive tests. This may have been a miscarriage. My friend experianced the same scenario. She thought she may be pregnant and the day she was to go to the dr. she began to bleed. He confirmed a miscarriage. Good Luck


Tricia - November 28

Thanks Jennifer. I'll try and get an appointment with my doctor for next week and let her know about the positives. Thanks again.


?? - January 5




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