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mg - February 3

Do these test have really bad evap lines or are they just very sensitive? I have taken several and I can see a second line definally within the time frame, its just VERY VERY light. I cant tell if it is an evaporation line or a true positive?


SaraD - February 3

I have used them and I never had evap lines.Try using a different brand test.If it comes up pos then you are pg.Good luck.


AshleyB - February 4

I've had really good luck with the $ tree tests with the name brand "New Choice". They're really sensitive and accurate. Just remember that evap lines don't have color to them, they just are like shadows when you look at them in the light. So if there is color to the second line, you're pregnant, girl! Congrats. I trust those tests completely. You can read more about them on They recommend them too. Good Luck!


mg - February 4

I can tell if the line is grey or have a pinkish tint to them. One of them definally had a slight pinkish tint to it. I took a first response, and there is something there as well, I had cramps 8dpo, and I am now 10dpo, it does seem things are getting darker. MAybe its just to early to tell,II will just wait and see.


AshleyB - February 4

Good Luck mg, 8 and 10 dpo IS pretty early. I didn't get a + until 14dpo with my last pregnancy. Congratulations... It sounds like you are pregnant!


mg - February 4

I took a dollar tree test today and a first response, with two different pee sources. The dollar tree turned a faint positive almost instantly, it was faint but darker then the other day, could see if from about two feet away. But it faded pretty bad about three hours later. The first response I still cant tell, it has a very faint line, darker then yesterday, but I cant tell if it is grey or pink, under certain lights it has a pinkish tint maybe, my friend saw the line as well. So the question is which one is correct, if any?


AshleyB - February 4

Sounds like they are both saying you're pregnant!!! Congratulations!


mg - February 5

If you saw the first reponse line you would think I was crazy. Its like is there a line or not....oh wait I think i see a line...well maybe not. The dollar store is clearer. I might throw walmarts brand into the race this morning, just becouse I have heard bad things about first response.


jessicadru - February 5

I have asked on a different thread, but what about equate. I took it this afternoon and it is a very faint line. This is day34 of my 30-34 cycle. Have had some preg signs in the last week but unsure what to think


AshleyB - February 5

Hey Jess--try the website They have info on all different kinds of tests, the sensitivity of them how women rate them and also have examples of what positives look like on different tests.


mg - February 8

Everytime I take one of these tests I get alne within 8 minutes!!! I just think it looks grey. Nobody else has had bad evaps with this test?



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