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j - August 7

has anyone ever taken a dollar store test? i did and i got a faint+ but i just dont know please help


j - August 7



d - August 7

Did you get the faint positive within the time limit? If so I would say you are pregnant. Go to your doctor and have it confirmed. Good Luck


j - August 7

yes it was with in a minute or two but fain


Faith - August 8

I used the dollar general test and found out I was pregnant. I took the test a week before my period was due and got a definite negative. Then when I got sick and was two days late for my period (about 1 week after the first test) I retested with the same brand. I got a line, clearly visible, but not extrememly dark. You are probably pregnant. Wait a few days and retest.


jen - August 9

i am 2 weeks late that is when i got the faint + then today i took one and it was - just like you so know i dont know im confused thanks for you info


Ashley - August 9

I took the cheapest test I could find and it was a faint line......and the box does say any line confirms a positive results no matter how faint. Try again, if it was only a dollar and compare


Amanda - August 10

Hey everyone! Well i have taken 2 dollar store hpts! And they were all $1 and they both came up negative! But a girl i know said she took 6 of them and they all were negative and then she got a blood test and she found out she was 6 weeks pregnant! But i have been having all kinds of symptoms and my tests keep saying negative! So i think im going to go get a clinical test done tomorrow! Good luck everyone!


! - August 10

I took a couple of those tests y/day and today. I'm frustrated and don't recommend them. While last month's test was blankly negative, this time I'm getting evaporation lines. Y/day it came up after 8 minutes, and today at 5 minutes. But I know they are not positive, they are far too pale. So, I'm a little peeved off, cuz I don't know whether to use a more expensive test now, which I defeats the purpose of buying the cheap ones. I just wish it had come up completely blank instead. So, I'd say, they are cheap but you might find yourself in my situation, which is frustrating.


Valerie - August 11

I have used the Dollar Tree tests in the past, and they were always plainly negative as I was not pregnant....this month I used the equate walmart brand test, and it came up positive really dark right away, so i went and got a different equate test the next day, again very dark positive right away, so yesterday I went and bought 5 Dollar Tree hpt's (I am still in denial LOL) and took one after not even holding my pee for 4 hours, and it came up positive really dark right away, so in my experience the cheapo 1$ tests have been wonderful and are totally worth the money.


jen - August 11

still have not tested afraid its going to be a no but will let you know


Camilla - August 11

Jen, my faint one turned into a real one, but I was so confused at first. Thought it was an evap line, but then today it truly turned pink. Good luck to you!!


kristin - August 11

yes i got a faint line and i was pregnant


tm - August 11

i just stopped my bc last month and was 2 weeks late, in those 2 wk i had taken 2 Answer hpt and they had both been neg, in those 2 wk i also had a lot of preg symptoms. Then aug 8 i got what i thought was my period but it was lighter than usual an only lasted 2 days.So this am took dollar gen. hpt and had very faint line come back at about 3-5 mins,thought it may have been evap line, but the line did have pink tint just very faint, will test again. What did the evap line look like?


r - August 15

Yes, I took a Dollar store test today - a week before AF is due, got waht usually looks lik an evaporation line, box says it test 25mu on back - don't know what to think...


shae - August 18

yes i got the doller store test yesterday aug 17 and came out postive got one today at value right came negative so what should i go bye


Jobina - August 18

I bought 2 pregnancy test from the dollar store they both were a Positive.



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