Dollar Store Tests Vs Name Brand Lt Advice Please Gt

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KBLMRL - February 17

I am late for my period and was hoping that someone would be able to give me some pointers regarding the pregnancy tests from the dollar store versus lets says First Response. I used First Response about 4 days before my missed period and it came up negative and I have to go out and soend so much money if they all work the same. If someone could please help me and let me about how much the Dollar Store tests run. Thanks


crackersforme - February 17

They are $1.00. I have heard they work the same as the more expensive tests, but I still keep getting negatives on them & I'm a day over two weeks late. I'm probably not pregnant, though, so I'm not one to say how good they are.


DownbutnotOUT - February 17

I would definatly recommend the dollar tree tests I used them at 9 dpo and I got the faintest of + within the time limit and at 11 dpo it came up again a nice BFP. With the dollar tree you have to wait 5-8 minutes for a faint + to show up. There $1 just as reliable giving you the freedom to test more frequently as well. take care and good luck


crackersforme - February 17

you're supposed to wait?? haha. I'm going to have to dig mine out of the trash... I always wait a minute & then pitch them.


Pipa - February 17

I just went to the Dollar Tree and bought five! I was so psyched. I didn't even mind having to drive to the far side of town for them. I have used one but it was too soon really. Also, I threw it away after a minute or two so maybe I"ll have to do another one tomorrow morning maybe? I was just glad the cashier didn't think I was crazy for loading up on tests! Lol!


pcad - February 18

itook a dollar store test this morning and abrite neg line but there is a very very faint pos line what do you all think yes or no?


DownbutnotOUT - February 18

Pcad that sounds very positive if it was within the time limit I would wait 2 days and take the test again and if the line shows up faster and darker than your definatly preggres. I know how you feel ladies I was doing that too I took the test waited like 3 minutes than threw them. At 9 dpo I took the test and moved it onto the counter after 2-3 minutes it was - and I got all p__sy and left it there well I went to my kids bathroom to grab a new bar of soap, i was gone maybe 3-4 minutes and I came back and there was a faint faint +. I tested in 2 days and in about 5 minutes I nice darker line showed up. just give it all the time its allowed before you discard it, good luck ladies *~*tons of baby dust*~*


pcad - February 18

to downbutnotout, should i go get a blood test?


KBLMRL - February 19

Thank You Very Much For All Of You Input.. I Am Definately Going To Get Myself A Test From There.. I Am Now 3 Days Late.. And TTC.. I Hope All Is In My Favor


SaraH - February 20

take a look at the site I listed under the heading "Wondering about hpt brands? This should help." It lists the sensitivity of different hpt brands.


DownbutnotOUT - February 20

pcad I dont know where you live and if blood tests are covered for you if you are really anxious than you could go get it done. Or you could wait till tomorrow morning and test again with a HPT and if it does come up BFP than go to the dr's, that's what I did I tested 9, 11, and 12 dpo just to make sure before I went to the dr's. Good luck to ya :)


proudmommy - February 21

I got a bfp 6 dpo with a dollar store test. I actually bought 4 because it was cheap and I wanted to make sure it was for real!!!


Pipa - February 24

Just going to note that the cited webpage tells us that Dollar Tree test sensitivity is 50 but the one I have "New Choice" is 25. Kinda odd, maybe there are more than one kind at different Dollar Trees???


MammaJL - February 25

The ones we have here in Canada (nb)at Dollarama are called Pro-Care and it says that the sensitivity is 25.


mglove1983 - February 26

I suggest you used clear blue there are 99% accurate. they can tell you 5 days after you missed your period. But i think you have to wait a little be more. i was worried about. I took test from the dollar and it came negative , them i three weeks later i took the clear blue and it came positive.


iisandy1214 - March 8

I didn't know there were tests in the dollar store! I had always bought first response before and hated the price. The making of Pregnancy tests are really not that expensive to produce. In China, they are less than a few cents! I bought a box of it and I got a positive result on the first day of my missed period, though a lil faint. Since they are so cheap, It gives me joy to test again everyday after that, just to see the positive signs appear darker and darker!


melissap - March 9

I used the Canadian dollarama tests with no luck. I only got a really faint BFP after I had gotten BFP on clear blue easy, FRer and 2 Inverness brand tests. Maybe I am weird but just thought I would let you know.



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