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Cendy - October 17

I was wondering if any of you ladies had any luck with the Dollar Tree pregnancy tests. I ready on the box that they can detect HCG at a level of 25miL, but I wondered if that was really true or if they were even more sensitive? Anyone used these tests and found out they were pregnant? What was your HCG when your doctor took a blood test? Any information would be most helpful and greatly appreciated.


Elona - October 17

I just took a Dollar Tree test. They suck. I know I'm pregnant (I have all the symptoms, and this is my 4th pregnancy, so I recognize what my body is doing) and the test was negative! I am 6 days overdue for my period. These things are not sensitive at all. Not even worth the mere dollar.


Alyssa - October 17

Actually, I have heard awesome things about this test. But I have heard bad too though. But for me they worked perfect. I got a very faint BFP at 8 dpo. I am now 6 weeks and 1 day PG. They are very sensitive (even more sensitive then most brand name ones.) It's worth a try for a dollar. GOOD LUCK!


Cendy - October 17

Thanks for your replies. Elona, this will be my 4th pregnancy and I am not sure I am pregnant. It has been over 4 years since my last son. I am having trouble remembering the signs of it. How do you know you are pregnant? What tests do you recommend? Allyssa, what bad things have you heard about this test? I see they are supposed to be 25miL sensitive. Do you think they are more than that? Wow 8 dpo that is impressive! How long had you been TTC? BABY DUST OUT!


Elona - October 17

Cendy, I have all the cla__sic signs (for me). My first clue was the b___st tenderness. Then came the heartburn and nausea (I know it's early, but it's extremely mild right now. It will be AWFUL by the time the hpt is +). Also the backaches. The missed period is also a clue. I'm not terribly regular, but I know my range, and I'm outside my longest range as of today. There are a few more symptoms that are not usually medically recognized, but for a few of my girlfriends and I have noticed with every pregnancy that our minds tend to get a little "cloudy" and it's just a tiny bit harder to think straight (or of anything but "I'm pregnant!!). I also just have that feeling- I just know I'm pregnant. I'm not too worried about the neg. test. That has happened with every one of my babies. I just have to wait another week and take another hpt.


Cendy - October 17

I am due for AF tomorrow. I am on my 6th cycle of clomid and just had an HSG on Sept 29 and got + OPK on Oct 2 and 3. Since the HSG, I have had constant creamy yellow cm, which I never have. I actually got EWCM and I never do that since I am on Clomid. What do you think about that? Could I be pregnant and have had 3 neg Dollar Tree Tests? Elona, how long have you been trying for this child?


Elona - October 17

Trying? If I am pregnant this will be a surprise, but a good one. Not too much of a surprise though because I haven't been trying to avoid pregnancy. Email me if you'd like [email protected] Sorry I don't know much about fertility drugs, but good luck!


Janie - October 17

I have taken the dollar tree tests too alot of them but all of them come back faintly positive some more recognizable than others and i was just wondering alyssa if yours took a whole ten minutes to work cause that is what all of them have been doing.


Alana - October 17

Does any of you ladies have very bad acne when you're pregnant? I'm 4 days late and I already have tons of acne, I never had so many acne before.


Hello - October 18

Worked excellent for my wife! Have taken 3, all came up positive. We were using some cruddy internet ones, which didn't amount to squat. Also took two digital...don't remember brand...nothing still! Dollar Tree was well applauded by, so we bought them (like 6 or 7, since they are so inexspensive). Nice clear's pretty evident once it turns positive. I recommend these HIGHLY! Ryan


Elona - October 18

Not pregnant. I'm quite sad.


Cendy - October 18

Elona, I am so sorry. I know how dissapointed that you must be. I have been that way every month for over a year now. I am guess AF came finally. I guess your cycle was just a little off this month. Will you try next month?


Kathleen - October 18

i used the $1 Dollar General test with both of my pregnancies and they showed positive and i hadn't even missed my period yet. So i don't think you have to go and by the $15 test to be sure if you pregnant or not.


Cendy - October 18

Thanks for the information Kathleen.


Elona - October 20

I don't know Cendy. I was sad to find out I wasn't pregnant, but I was also relieved. I have 2 little boys (5 & 2) and they are quite a handful now. But I don't think I'll try actively not to have a baby, and I sure wouldn't mind the practice!


spragueac - August 31

Hmmm...I am currently trying to get pregnant. I work in a lab setting and I frequently do pregnancy tests on urine and blood plasma. We use the dollar tree tests! They aren't their brand, but they are the same tests! lol, they have been very accurate for us. They can detect as low as 25 miu of the hcg hormone. The prob with early testing is that MOST women won't get a true positive until levels reach this high (about a week or more after your cycle is due). Notice I said MOST, some women's bodies produce hcg faster than others. I am currently due for my period and it still has not come *fingers crossed*! I am going today to buy a first response pregnancy test. From everything I have read this is one of the only over the counter brands that can detect the hcg hormone as low as 12-15 miu, so I am going to give it a try. I'll let you all know how it goes and how accurate these tests are (I've never used this brand before, usually go with the dollar tree brand) Anyways, I would say it is perfectly ok to use the dollar tree brand it has the same sensitivity as the EPT or Clear Blue Easy. I am hoping the First Response is more sensitive as the internet claims it to be :))) Wish me luck!


517edrl - November 12

I got negative at 5 weeks with the dollar tree i took a answer test and its was positive so I dont trust them.



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