Dollar Tree Tests

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517edrl - November 12

I got negative at 5 weeks with the dollar tree i took a answer test and its was positive so I dont trust them. - December 30

My cousin used the dollar tree tests, and got a faint positive line. the next morning, she took a name brand test, and again - positive. she is now 7wks pregnant with baby number 2. I myself took a dollar tree test, and got a faint positive. We have been trying for about 8 mos now. i use the dollar ones first, and that way if its negative and i AF shows up, i dont feel like ive wasted a ton of money. im currently 14 dpo, and since my faint positive today, i will test tomorrow with my namebrand. DH and i are celebrating our wedding anniversary on 1/1/11 so, what an aniversary gift it would be!! i have had a great experience with those tests. good luck all, and lots of baby dust!!


Mrs.Neves - December 31

My cousn swears by them. she has 3 kids


Lissa - January 5

They did not work for me. I have been taking them for a week or more. Today I took a CBE digital and it popped up pregnant. I took a DT one too and it did not even register a faint line. My sister did the same thing and kept using the DT after the digital worked and it took two weeks for the DT to register that she was pg.


spragueac - January 6

Well, then it still worked it just detects the Hcg hormone at higher levels. It really is different for every woman because my sister always used the dollar store tests and they've always worked. When I got a positive though, I used the ept one just cause of what I read online about them detecting the hormone earlier (more sensitive) it gave me a positive at just 4 weeks pg. I went out the next day and bought a couple of the cheap brands and they all said pg too. ? I guess different things work for diff ppl, but my sister always tells me it doesn't matter how expensive the test is...if you're pregnant then you're pregnant!



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