Dpo Of Bfp Following One Or More Bfn S Latest BFP

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sososleepy - March 1

Hi Ladies. Please help the tww'ers as we stare at our bfn's and contemplate every cramp, twinge, fart, zit, ect. I keep finding earliest bfp info, which is great, but for those of us doing the $T tests daily at the end of the horrible tww, it would be nice to get some stats on how late is too late to realistically hope for that bfp. I know we might not test + until after af should come, (and unfortunately, my bfn's were real because af just came), but am curious how common it really is, so if you test like you're obsessed like I do, what dpo was your bfp, and did you get a bfn before it, and if so on which dpo(s)? Thanks! (and, please share any symptoms that in retrospect were a clue that you really were pg?)


snugglybugglys - March 1

With my last pregnancy, I tested 7 dpo...negetive, 8 dpo...negetive, 9 dpo....faint faint line, and it dissapeared before the night was over, 10 dpo dark BFP! Good luck with TTC! Oh yeah, I used $ tree tests also.


DownbutnotOUT - March 1

Sorry sleepy af showed up I was really hoping the evil withc would stay away. With my 1st pregnancy I was 14 1/2 weeks before I finally got a BFP, with my 2nd I was around 6-7 weeks, with my 3rd I finally got a BFP at 7-8 weeks (though I had tested a week before and got a BFN), with my 4th pregnancy 5 weeks preggers I had a urine and blood test came up - I finally got my + at about 8 weeks (I lost this angel), a chemical pregnancy I tested + around 31 cd, and this pregnancy 9 dpo.


SaraH - March 2

Sorry that your AF showed -saw you mentioned it on the other thread-. As far as dpo, I was 10 dpo w/ both the pregnancies I m/c'd (the one was so faint though that I didn't think I actually had a bfp until after I got what I though was my AF and then started bleeding again after it ended -got a definite bfp at this pt which was about 18dpo). W/ this current pregnancy I got a really really faint bfp at 8dpo (so hard to see though...had to look in really bright light and still wasn't 100% sure it was really there). Got a definite bfp that was easy to see by 10 dpo though.



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