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Christina - February 17

My GYN is a really good lady. She actually knows me because her husband is my endocronologist. I took my list and had questions and she addressed them and gave me her best answer. She was very concerned about me not having my period since Nov. I took a urine preg. test while I was there, but it came back negative. I told her I had taken some at home but they were all negative. I asked her if anyone had gotten a neg. test and actually been preg. and she said "yes, it happens". Now, she said that my test looked neg. that i wasnt preg. she said sometimes there is a hormone produced in our head that stop our periods. she took blood to check that. now i dont think she is going to do a blood test with that to see if i'm preg. instead she told me that my bf and i must use a condom for the next two weeks (until my next appt.). Now i'm not 14 anymore but i do know there is still a chance that I could get preg. from using a condom, but here's the problem my bf and i never liked condoms. (TMI, sorry I'm trying to get some ?'s answered) Last night we tried with a condom and he doesnt just say it like the guys in the movies he really doesnt like condoms and i dont like them either. when we first started BDing we never used them. it's almost painful for me and he doesnt like it. Anyways I was hoping maybe somebody could tell me a diff. way? or something? Also, i know next time I go in it'll be for another pee test. If that comes back neg. again she wants to put me on a pill to start my period. now what if i actually am preg. i know its out there, but i dont really wanna take the chance. i dont know if she did a blood test with the blood she took or was just checking my hormone levels. i know i normally have answers, but i gave up. i need someone else's advice. plz anything anyone can tell me is helpful. thanx ~*~Christina~*~


Meg - February 17

Christina. My last was Nov as well. Today I am going for u/s because I keep testing negative. So I would suggest that you have an ultrasound as well because if you are prego the baby by now can be seen *** Baby dust to you *** Keep finger crossed for me too. ;o)


Christina - February 18

Meg- good luck at the dr. i hope you have better luck than i do i find out today what exactly they're doing w/my blood. keep me posted on what happens with u. i'm glad im not the only one in this crazy situation.


MELISSA - February 18

I has been from my experience that stree will also cause your period to come late or not at all. Diet also has something to do with it.



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