Drinking Amp Might Be Pregnant

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Rachel - July 28

I am currently trying to get pregnant, but I also still like to party. I get depressed when the tests are negative, so I like to go out and drink with my friends. Of course, as soon as I were to get a positive I wouldn't drink anymore. But, how much should I worry about this within the first few weeks? Anyone done anything similar?


Mica - July 28

Dear Rachel, please don't. When you're ttc, you really should act as if you are allready pregnant. Damage can be done before you even know you're pregnant. It sure is disappointing getting BFN's isn't it. Maybe venting on here where others understand what it's like would help. If you feel a need to turn to alchol for comfort, it sounds to me like you'll have a very hard time cutting yourself off once you do conceive. I don't want to sound judgmental, but maybe you should first focus on getting off the alchohol before starting your family. Once you're a mother, do you think you'll still be wanting to "party"? It's something to think about. Children sure do change your life forever. I apologize if my answer isn't exactly what you wanted. Hopefully everything works out for you!


Rachel - July 28

So, what do you say to all these girls who aren't trying who just find out that they are after partying all the time? I hear that so much, all these young girls out partying and find out later that they get pregnant


Mica - July 29

I say that's reality and it's sad. Take care!


Heather - July 29

I agree with Mica - but it also depends, how much drinking are you doing? 1 gla__s of wine a day in early pregnancy won't hurt you as much as getting plastered every weekend. If you are unable to dedicate your weekends now to your body and developing baby what makes you think you will be ready to dedicate your life to this baby? I am only asking, not judging you - I am in no way qualifyed to judge your lifestyle, I just think these are things you should be thinking about.


Rachel - July 29

I am talking about a few beers maybe every other night, and maybe a few more than that like on a Sat or Fri night. But, not like everyday I get plastered.


.. - July 31

Rachel..I think the answers you have already been given were nice. I would say, at this point, if trying to get pregnant for you was really a priority, you wouldnt be doing what you are doing. There is nothing wrong w/ having a few drinks every now and then, but you should know the difference between overdoing it, and enjoying it. Obviously, you feel like you are drinking in excess, otherwise you wouldnt be asking the question. If you are worried about it, stop. Its simple.



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