E P T Brand Questionable Results Please Help

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Jenn - May 4

Hi all - I just took an ept +/- test - and here's my results. Immediately a dark vertical line appeared in the round window, along with the vertical control line in the square box. Very, very faintly there's also a horizontal line - but barely noticeable to both my husband and myself. I know that the instructions say that even if both lines are different colors its still a positive result - but i'm wondering if i'm imagining the horizontal line. Since the vertical line wouldn't be there if it was negative - is it fairly safe to assume that this is positive?? I made a doc's appt, but can't get in until Friday and i'm dying with anticipation! Thanks for any insight :)


Paula - May 4

Any results line in the test window regardless if it is faint or as dark as the test line is a positive. I have tested in the past and the line was very faint and I was positive. When I went to the doctor I still tested positive in the office. If you are in doubt test again within 24-48 hrs. The preg hormone will be doubling and the line will become darker. You can use the pregancy test at the Dollar Tree stores and that test checks lower levels and it will give you a definite result.


Jenn - May 4

Thanks for the response. Since I posted, i've since bought & taken one of the digital tests - and it says pregnant :) Yippee!


Monique - May 4

Girls, don't forget that HPT tests are NOT accurate...I understand your situation Paula, and i'm glad if you were satisfied with the results....but it doesn't always work that way....read my story in the other threads....I've had about 8 hpt done so far, all were negative except for 3 of the clearblue + -, which were faintly positive....Today, i'm still 27 days late....i'm waiting for my ultrasound this week, which should clear up everything (also had 2 neg blood tests)....obviously, 1 or more of the HPT brands that i have tried are not accurate.....I'll just have to wait and see....



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