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Steph - October 25

Has anyone ever taken an e.p.t. and had a line at about 20 minutes and if so, were you pregnant or not? I took one this morning and wouldn't you know the phone rang and by the time I got back to the test 20, or 30 maybe even forty minutes had passed but there was a line but I am not sure if I let too much time pass by. Please share any experiences with this test that you all may have had. I would appreciate it. Thanks and good luck to you all.


Steph - October 25

By the way it was the one with the plus and minus not the one with just a line, but let me know about any of them Thanks alot.


E - October 25

The plus sign darkens over time... If there was a plus present, that means there was HcG detected and you are pregnant. 20 minutes pa__sing does not matter. A negative test would not turn positive due to time pa__sing. Congrats:)


Steph - October 25

Thanks, thats comforting, I will keep you posted.


karen - October 28

i took a test that i;ve had without the box and forgot which window meant your pregnant or not. please give me this information. thanks


KK - November 23

Steph, do you know yet if you were really pregnant or not? I'm anxious to know, because I took this same test and had the same thing happen. I feel like I'm pregnant and I don't see how a minus sign could change into a plus sign over time , if I wasn't pregnant.


luvbb - November 24

the same thing happened to me with ept + or - (3 ept test) and 3 clearblue easy test all came back post. I went to the doc yesterday and my hpt urine test was neg.! I took a blood test but won't know until today the results! I know how confused you are but try not to get too excited! I'm starting to wonder if it's just the tests!! If it is it's very cruel to do to people! Good luck!!


Cait - December 6

luvbb, just wondering if you ended up pregnant or not....my tests came back pos too but i dont feel like im pregnant


dupe - August 10

my first line was mark with dark and the second was faint i dont know if it positve or negative cos i lost the paper


Jess - August 10

You guys should try to use the aimstick pregnancy tests. You don't have to see a + or - you wii see 2 lines if you are pregnant. I also like the digital read outs that say PREGNANT or NOT Pregnant. THat way there is not second guessing.



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