Early Positive On Preg Test

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Kathleen - August 29

I took one of the early home tests and it showed up positive six days before my period is to start. Is it possible for it to detect a pregnancy this early? This is my 2nd and I do feel pregnant...but confused


First time Mom - August 30

Me too!! I thought I was crazy taking a preg test so early (6 days before period) but I just couldn't wait! Of course the line was very faint but I took another test the next day, and the next and the next and the line got more and more visible. I think my husband thinks I'm obsessed but really, I'm just so excited!!


test-a-holic - August 30

my husband thinks I am crazy too. I am trying for # 3 and have absolutely no patience to wait. as for you two, I would say you are both pregnant - congrats!!!! :)


First time Mom - August 30

Thank you test-a-holic! Congrats to you too! Do you girls know your due date yet? I'm due at the end of April :)


Kathleen - August 30

thanks, girls, for your reply! I went and bought another today and it was positive, too,...so I guess I'm obsessed as well!! It's still three days before my period, but I fell better about it! Due date is early may.


Kathleen - August 30

Test-a-holic....with your second did you feel like you forgot everything about being preganat the first time? I'm a little more at ease, but still feel like I've never been pregnant before!


Emily - August 31

I had a positive test 8 days before my period was supposed to start. I went to my ultrasound and everythings fine. Baby dust


Caitlin - September 1

Okay, I just took a hpt 4 days early and it was positive. I was worried to that it could be wrong. I have a blood test later today. Happy to hear your results!


test-a-holic - September 1

14 dpo - the faint lines are now REAL lines on the pt. My husband was wondering if I get a discount on pg tests by now and when I will stop testing. Haha I told him- when they are all gone. btw all tests (first response, ept, accuclear, answer and clearblue) are now pos only the stupid digital clearblue test was still saying NOT PREGNANT yesterday. I got one left and I am going to do that one last, because it it sucks. to first-time-mom: due date will be May 12th. babydust to all of you!!!


Christy - September 2

I also tested positive about 6 days before I was supposed to start. However, today, 3 days after I was supposed to start, I am spotting brown. Do you think I could have gotten false positives?


ladysh2002 - September 2

Christy, I think you should probably go to see a doctor. I heard from my mom that a woman should be alert if you miss the period for a few days but spot brown again later, especially if you got a positive test result already. It might be early symbol of miscarriage - so I would go to see a doctor to get proper protection if need. Take care


Christy S. - September 2

I got a positive result 6 days before my period was due and was thrilled. Sadly about 5 days after my period was supposed to start i began spotting and then full flow. However, not to scare the other Christy spotting can be completely normal and be due to implantation. My doctor brushed me off and called mine a "chemical pregnancy". Meaning an egg implanted but never continued to grow. He said this actually happens 1 in 4 conceptions but most women don't even Know they are pregnant yet. He urged me to quit testing early but I'm ignoring him. Nomatter what the outcome I want to know what's going on with my body. Congrats to all the moms to be!


angel - September 3

hi girls, BIG BIG congrats to you all thats great news but wat early tests are you using please as i used first response and i 4 days before! could i still be preg???



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