EPT Confusing Test Results

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Bob - November 27

Hello, I'm a male asking a question for my wife and I. We are sort of confused about our EPT test results. I think we used the new EPT test that has a box and a circle. The Box gives you a vertical blue line to see if it is working. And the circle gives you a PLUS or a MINUS sign telling you whether or not you are pregnant. Now yesterday 11/26 she took a test in the afternoon (ept says anytime of day is good). She got a bright blue line to confirm it is working and a bright blue + sign that she's pregnant. The next morning, She took another test (same). And this one was very faint compared to the previous test. Not to mention we gone a Minus sign that she is NOT pregnant. Now she's not late yet. Supposed to get her period today- and it hasn't come. But for the past 2 weeks she's been feeling a little under the weather in the mornings. Maybe its too early to tell? Anyone ever use these tests before and have confusing results? Let me know. Thanks.


T - November 27

Bob - The cross was a positive hun. During anytime that you have a positive, no matter how faint, this is a good indication that your wife is pregnant. I understand how confusing it is for you both, having one positive then one negative. For some unknown reason this does happen. I would tell your wife to do another couple of pregnancy tests. Try a dipstick pregnancy test. These are usually cheaper and look for a lower amount of HCG which will give you an earlier positive. But since she did have one positive I would think she is pregnant. Make an appointment at your doctors and when you see your doctor ask for a Quant_tative blood test. This test measures the amount of HCG present in her blood and is very accurate. The blood tests are generally more accurate than the urine ones done at home and at doctor surgeries. So I would definitely advise doing a blood test as soon as possible. Its possible she had a negative pregnancy test because the HC wasn't strong enough in her urine to give a positive result. Drinking before you test can dilute the amount of HCG. Its usually recommended you use your first morning urine or if you cant, hold your urine in for 4hours and then test. Good luck! :o)


Bob - November 28

Thanks T, The second test that came up negative was the first urine sample in the morning. So we are just going to wait 1 -2 more days and take it from there.... thank you for your response.


sha - November 28

bob, I am slightly confused as well. Last night I bought a box of 3 epts and tried 2, They were neg. after like 10-15 min. This morning I tested again and after like 10-12 min a faint line appeared. I went back again to check the ones that I had used last night and they both had faint lines. I am clueless my self.


T - November 28

Bob - Your welcome and good luck. :o) Sha - It sounds like your testing too early hun. I've heard of your predicament before and its really a 50/50 chance that it is a positive. I would wait another week and do another pregnancy test. I wouldn't rely on the previous ones you did since they were outside of the time limit. If your still getting negatives, then see your doctor for a blood test. Good Luck. :o)


sha - November 28

T I havent had a period since sept 1 to the 6th after coming off bc.


Bob - November 29

Well - Test # 3 - Negative. All these tests were taken 2 days apart. 1st test, in the afternoon - POSITIVE, with Bright blue Plus Sign. Then 2 Days later, Test #2, First urination in the morning - faint - NEGATIVE. then another 2 days later, Test #3 - Negative. How can you be positive right away, then 2 negatives in a row for the next 4 days? Kind of confusing, but she is 3 days past her period date..... We'll keep you posted. Thanks ladies.


Jennifer - November 29

Bob- I took 3 hpt before I finally got one to say positive. The HPTs are not the best way to know. I'd say see the doc. They will more than likely order a blood test. Ensure they order a quantative, these are more definete. I would say with the symptoms and the one positive that you all are looking at becoming parents! Good Luck!


Bob - December 1

Well thank you for all your help ladies.... but she got her "visitor" this morning. Not like her to be late - What a confusing test result and a rollercoaster. Thanks for the support ~bob


E - December 1

Bob, she was probably pregnant and is having an early miscarriage, which many times goes unoticed by women as it happens when they expect their period. Her hCG levels must have been declining, therefore giving the negative results for the final two tests. Best wishes.


Bob - December 4

Well..... It turns out she didn't get her period. Its been a few days since I posted. But she woke up a few days ago and had her period. By the end of the day there was nothing. So she went to the dr. That night. And they took a urnine sample again and said yes, you are pregnant. But also took a blood sample that is not back yet... But it looks like there is a baby on the way.... how crazy,


Sha - December 4

Bob- How exciting! Congratulations to you and your wife! Let us know the blood test results. I am still waiting. I


bob - December 6

How long do Blood test results take to come back from the Dr's office? They keep telling us, we'll call you when they are in. Thanks


HI - December 7



kelly - December 7

i took 3 home tests all of which came up positive, 2 days later i went to my doctor who took a sample of urine to test and when i called back for the result the receptionist told me it was negative. after that it took a further 6 home tests ( all of which were again positive ) to convince me that the hospital test was wrong and so i went back to my gp. the following tuesday he told me the result was positive! im now almost 9 weeks pregnant and dont really feel much diferent, i often question all 10 positives but then i guess early pregnancy is just designed to confuse us all :D


Bob - December 8

well we found out today..... She is 47 days along. WOW... but What is comnusing me... 47 days goes back to a time when we wern't having s_x for a few weeks and I was away with work........ How do they come up with those #'s? I hope its not the Mail man.


T - December 11

Bob - Congratulations! Dont worry about the dates. Doctors are always two weeks early or two weeks late. Thats why a lot of babies are late to arrive. They just base it on your last period date. Only an unltrasound would determine how far along she actually is by measuring the size of the foetus. Its very accurate in determining how far along she is. Congratulations again. SHA - If you haven't had a period since coming off BCP then I would think its BCP related. It can take up to 3 months for the BCP hormones to be out of your system which will evoke voluntary ovulation and give you a period a few weeks later. If you haven't got your period in another 2 weeks then see your doctor hun.



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