EPT HELP Need Your Input

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Catherine - April 15

Hi Ladies- I figure I have to be at least 9.5 weeks pregnant by now. So, this morning I woke up to do a test (last one taken showed HCG at only 2 and that was over a month ago). I was a moron and bought EPT. I took the test, and the same dotted, faint horizontal line in the round window that was on the test BEFORE I took it stayed. About 8-9 minutes after I took the test an extremely faint vertical line appeared. The horizontal line is not strong, and like I said, it was there even before I took the test. The vertical line is just sooooo faint and I feel like it should be positive but I don't know if my eyes are just playing tricks on me. When I hold it up to the sunlight I see a very very faint little cross. AHHHHH am I going crazy? I bought two first response tests which I am going to take as well- but anyone have the same experience and it was positive? Help!


Jolleen - April 15

i had the same thing happen to me with ept i figured it was just another false positive everybody was talking about, but i wanted to be sure so 1 week after i took that test i took another it was a different brand and i got a BFP. i hope this helps. good luck


Catherine - April 15

Jolleen, That is so encouraging to me. What exactly did it look like to you? I have been tripping out wondering, if the cross showed up at 11 minutes or within the 10 minute time frame! When did it show up for you?


Jolleen - April 15

actually it showed up after the time limit i know i wasn't supposed to go by it but i figured why not take another test? so i did and got a bfp


Jolleen - April 15

oh and also the vertical line was very very light i thought it might have been in my head but i showed it to my mom and she saw it too


colleen - April 15

I got faint positives with this brand over and over again but a bloodtest confirmed I was not pregnant. I could never get a positive on any other brand. I would try first response because it is more sensitive, it detects 25 where as ept detects 40. If you're really pregnant it should definitely show up on first response if it shows up on ept.


Catherine - April 16

Jolleen, I feel so relieved to hear that yours was a BFP! I showed it to my husband and he saw it too. By the way, what brand of test did you take after the EPT? Wow I'm so glad to know there was someone else in my shoes! How far along are you? Congratulations!


Jolleen - April 16

hi Catherine, I used Answer early to get my BFP. i am sending lots of baby dust to you! good luck!


Jolleen - April 16

hey Catherine do you have any news yet? i would love to find out if you are pregnant or not. im sending lots of baby dust to you. good luck and let me know what the outcome is!


Catherine - April 17

Hey Jolleen, Thanks so much for writing back. No news yet, I will definitely keep you posted! How far along are you?


Jolleen - April 18

hey Catherine I'm 8 weeks pregnant today and feeling great! i will be sending lots of baby dust and im pulling you a BFP! good luck and thanks for keeping me posted let me know something soon!


Heather - May 10

I too took the same EPT test this morning and got what I think is supposed to be a 'negative' but I too see that really faint outline of the "plus" line that would have crossed if it were actually positive, so I am completely confused. I called the helpline, and the recording says that sometimes a sideways line DOES appear in the plus window, but that it's a normal part of the result process and does NOT affect test results, so my guessis to ignore it, but I am still confused. Has anyone else had experiences with this little faint line in the background? I think I will try a different brand just to be sure.



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